Here are some reviews of my performances....

"Martin Nolan is a noted piper and composer whose openness and receptiveness to new ideas has taken him and his pipes around the world".

---- The Sunday Tribune (Ireland)

"And then there's Martin Nolan's pipering pyrotechnics: his fire and accuracy put him on a par with the best of players. The playing throughout this debut recording displays a finely judged mix of skill and excitement".

---- Folk Roots

"Bright Silver Dark Wood is the work of a creative genius who has taken his work farther than most of his ilk. A body of work to linger with and drink longingly from, Bright Silver Dark Wood is an aural feast of musical soul food".

---- Irish Music Magazine

"Nolan's name may not ring the sort of bells rung by the likes of Paddy Keenan or Liam Og O'Flynn, but on the evidence of [Bright Silver Dark Wood], that is a situation likely to change... Nolan's playing has an untutored, dangerous quality that delights".

---- Pay the Reckoning

"Both Martin's album and his live performance are energetic affairs full of great playing, good tunes and cheerful Irish humour"

---- The Canberra Times

"A record number of happy people was treated to an evening of very fine Celtic music delivered with verve and finesse...The uilleann pipes, in the capable hands of Martin Nolan, gave the trio's sound a unique and appealing flavour"

---- Port Moody Triad Concert Society (British Colombia)

"Most of Nolan's selections music, and indeed it was hard to keep one's feet still. Nolan brought on the Indian instrumentalists to play a classical Indian piece. Then, in a true East-West exchange, the Indian musicians joined Nolan in a rousing Irish jig which got the audience going".

---- Deccan Herald (Bangalore, India)

"Nolan is one of only a handful of pipes virtuosos having learned the art from traditional players in and around his native Dublin."

---- -- Offbeat Magazine (Victoria, British Columbia)