The Peace Tower at Messines

On September 8th/9th 2006 the Mayors of the Towns of Ginchy and Guillemont (France) commemorated the huge part the The 16th (Irish) Division played in the re-taking of theses towns from the Germans on the 9th September 1916. It is recognised that these men were forgotten here in Ireland, as Ireland at that time was itself in turmoil following the Rising in Dublin in 1916, the war of Independence from Britain from 1918 to 1921 and the civil war 1921 to 1923 that followed the signing of the treaty in December 1921. This turmoil continued throughout the years particularly in the partitioned Northern Counties of Ireland. However with the lapse of time and relative peace in Northern Ireland it is time to reflect on the sacrifices of these men, who, with no politic motives and some with little understanding of what was happening in Europe had little money and no work joined the 16th Irish Division (Catholic and Protestant) and went to war.
50 members of the Irish Naval Association will travel to Ginchy and Guillemont to participate in these commemoration ceremonies.
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