At a Black Tie in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin to commemorate 50 years since the establishment of The Naval Association, the Naval Association President Gerry Kennedy welcomed our special guests. Cdr.Chris Dovey (Retd) National Chairman of the Royal Naval Association who had flown in from the UK to be with us on the evening. Also present as our special guests were Lt.Col.Sean Cosden USAF US Defence Attache and his wife Elizabeth, also Ollie O'Connor National Gen. Sec. O.N.E.T, Fr.Des Campion, Chaplain to the Naval Service and the Naval Association and Lt.Elizabeth Barrett O/C Cadre Staff,and her Father, Brian Barrett.
Amongst our guests L/R Back row. Lt.Col Sean Cosden.USAF (Defence Attache at the US Embassy),Terry Cummins, Cmdr Chris Dovey (Nat.Chairman RNA,), Lt. Elizabeth Barrett (NS), Declan Pendred (Gen Sec), (front row) Terry McGown, Ollie O'Connor (ONET Gen Sec) Gerry Kennedy (Naval Association President) Tommy Kavanagh (NA), Fr. Des Campion, Naval Chaplain.
Lt.Ger Kiely (NSR), Mr.Brian Barrett and his daughter Lt.Elizabeth Barrett(NS)
Lt.Ger Kiely (NSR) Lt. Gerry Kennedy (Retd) President and Lt Elizabeth Barrett (NS)
The President Gerry Kennedy (Centre) with those who received special presentations. (L/R) Terry McGowan (NA), Lt. Col Sean Cosden (US Defence Attache), Gerry Kennedy (President), Declan Pendred (Nat.Gen.Sec) Cdr.Chris Dovey(Retd) Royal Naval Association, Terry Cummins (NA)
8 Our Naval Association Senior member Terry McGown accepts a gift from our President in recognition of his 91 years and his dedication to the Association
9 Cdr.Chris Dovey (retd)National Chairman of the Royal Naval Association responds to the gift of a Waterford Crystal espcially commissioned by the Naval Association to present to Commander Dovey (retd.)
Cdr. Chris Dover (Retd.) National Chairman RNA and Lt.Gerry Kennedy (Retd) NA President
Lt.Col Sean Cosden Defence Attache and his wife Elizabeth Cosden (US Embassy)
Fr. Des Campion (Naval Chaplain) Lt.Col Sean Cosden and his wife Elizabeth and Mr. Ollie O'Connor (Gen Sec. ONET)
13 Lt.Col Sean Cosden USAF (Military Attache)accepts a special Waterford Crystal in recognition of the past help of the US Embassy and special visit to Boston in 1996 to parade in the Boston St.Patrick's Parade to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Naval Service.
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