Shay McCarthy who passed away on the 12th March 2005 was a member of the Naval Association (Dublin) since it was re-vamped in 1992.

Shay stood down in November 1998 after serving 41 years service in No 2 Coy. Naval Service Reserve (An Slua Muiri). Shay loved his time in the reserve and was an excellent ERA when the sail training yacht "Creidne" took to sea. You always felt that sense of security when he was on board particularly as we always seemed to have a dodgy engine fitted to Creidne. However true to form he could keep that engine going at all times, particularly when it was badly needed in very rough weather heading into Port.

Shay remained an active member of The Naval Association up to his death and always participated in trips abroad and all functions held. It was fitting that there was a large gathering of friends and family together with his collegues from The Naval Association headed by the President LT.CDR Robert Mulrooney (Limerick) and a large gathering from the Naval Service and the Naval Service Reserve

Shay will be sadly missed by us all and we extend our Sympathy to his son Seamus, daughters Sharon and Debbie and their extended family


The Cortege leaving the Church headed by our chairman Bryan Gildea

Arrival at the Glasnevin Crematoriam.Carried by his long time friends. His son Seamus is immediately behind

Guarding Shay's remains are L/R SPO Hugh O'Neill and PO John O'Neill

Prayers are offered befor CPO McCarthy's ashes are scattered off Dun Laoghaire

PO John O'Neill pipes as CPO McCarthy's ashes are scattered.

CPO McCarthy's ashes are scattered off Dun Laoghaire