City of Lights City of Magic 

Texture Replacer 

Retexture by NeilV

There is a main texture or an alternative texture

Two shade of blue marble belnded together with gold and silver trim

mh1.jpg (127206 bytes)

mh2.jpg (142599 bytes)

mh3.jpg (116681 bytes)

Temple in CS Temple Roof in CS Temple Roof in CS

mh4.jpg (88455 bytes)

mh5.jpg (91780 bytes)

mh6.jpg (145221 bytes)

Palace reception Throne room Palace Courtyard

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mh8.jpg (83459 bytes)

mh9.jpg (81271 bytes)

Entrance to temple Fountain Big tall thing and wall

mh10.jpg (98368 bytes)

mh11.jpg (122191 bytes)

mh12.jpg (132658 bytes)

Fountain Statues Entrance Bazaar

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mh14.jpg (111920 bytes)

mh15.jpg (111151 bytes)

Stage in Bazaar Bridge House

mh16.jpg (139994 bytes)

mh17.jpg (119054 bytes)

mh18.jpg (123772 bytes)

Entrance Houses Houses

mh19.jpg (128957 bytes)

mh20.jpg (79679 bytes)

mh21.jpg (82870 bytes)

Bar Entrance Bar Bar

mh22.jpg (79354 bytes)

mh23.jpg (106498 bytes)

mh24.jpg (111398 bytes)

Bar Houses Houses

mh25.jpg (82140 bytes)

mh26.jpg (64558 bytes)

mh27.jpg (125396 bytes)

Display Temple Temple Entrance

mh28.jpg (121055 bytes)

mh29.jpg (74032 bytes)

mh30.jpg (77042 bytes)

Temple In Temple In Temple

mh31.jpg (84625 bytes)

The temple has its own colour scheme of blue and gold with gems in the trim

mh32.jpg (105624 bytes)

In Temple Entrance to Palace
Alternative Texture White Marble
 Will be avalable in alt wall folder to replace blue marble if you wish

mha1.jpg (88688 bytes)

mha2.jpg (85466 bytes)

mha3.jpg (108228 bytes)

Palace Reception Throne room Palace Courtyard

mha4.jpg (133187 bytes)

mha5.jpg (83892 bytes)

mha6.jpg (100940 bytes)

exit to temple Fountain Wall and entrance

mha7.jpg (110162 bytes)

mha8.jpg (112333 bytes)

mha9.jpg (143040 bytes)

Entrance Bridge Bazaar

mha10.jpg (126006 bytes)

mha11.jpg (124100 bytes)

mha12.jpg (106164 bytes)

Stage in Bazaar Houses Houses

mha13.jpg (119329 bytes)

mha14.jpg (81708 bytes)

mha15.jpg (67532 bytes)

Houses Bar Temple

mha16.jpg (86179 bytes)

mha17.jpg (77319 bytes)

mha18.jpg (109954 bytes)

In Temple In Temple Entrance to Palace