PzB 39 Anti-Tank Rifle

PzB 39 anti-tank rifle


7.92 x 94mm


stock extended : 1.62m (5.4ft)
stock folded : 1.28m (4.26ft)

Length of barrel

1.08m (3.6ft)

Weight unloaded

12.6kg (27.72lb)

Magazine capacity


Muzzle velocity

1,140 m/s (3,796 ft/s)

Armour penetration

25mm (0.99in)

Panzerbüchse 39 or PzB 39, had an improvement made by the company Gustloff on their PzB 38.It too featured a vertical breech block mechanism. It retained the barrel of the PzB 38 and had an only slightly increased overall length of 162.0 cm; weight was reduced to 12.6 kg. It's performance data was basically the same as that of the PzB 38. To increase the practical rate of fire, two cartridge-holding cases containing 10 rounds each could be attached to both sides of the weapon near the breech - these were not magazines feeding the weapon, they simply enabled the gunner to extract the cartridges (that he still had to manually insert into the gun) from the conveniently placed magazines. 568 PzB 39 were used by the German army in the invasion of Poland; two years later, at the beginning of the war against Russia, 25,298 PzB 39 were in use by German troops; total production form March 1940 to November 1941, when production ceased, was 39,232 rifles. Technical data: overall length: 162cm; barrel length 108.5cm; total weight (incl. bipod and carrying sling but no magazines) 12.6kg; weight empty 11.6kg; total weight of magazine (loaded) 1.09kg; weight magazine (empty) 0.25kg; practical rate of fire: 10 shots/min. Ammunition: Patrone 318 Vo 1,210 m/s; armor penetration 30mm/100m.