Best of the Best
November 2001

Saturday the 3rd November the Best of the Best was held in Roadstone Sports and Social Club.
A.S.K.O sent a team of 18 Students along to the competition. The students were from Shankill, Blackrock and Greystones Clubs.

There were many different Styles including Kempo, Kickboxing, Karate and Tae-Kwon-do to name a few.
It was great for the students to see the different Forms and sparring styles in action. A.S.K.O did extremely well bringing home 9 awards.

The students enjoyed themselves and entered all of the sections which included Kata, team Kata, points sparring and continous sparring.
The competition kicked off at 11.00 am with Ladies and Mens Black Belt point Sparring. And finished with the Continous sparring at 4.00 pm.
The standard was very good with some of the English National Kickboxing team entering.

Attendees (in no particular order)


  1. Collette Condon (3rd Kata)
  2. Ger McDonagh
  3. Gavin Fox
  4. Christopher O Sullivan (3rd Kata)
  5. Richard Grant
  6. Dean Tallant (3rd Kata)
  7. Luke Martin
  8. Daryl Tallant
  9. Derek Keane
  10. Derek Coughlan
  11. Barry Coughlan (2nd Fighting)
  12. Jenny Napier
  13. Hillary Geelan (3rd Fighting)


  1. Shay Brennan (2nd Fighting)
  2. Shane Kenny
  3. Laura Kenny (2nd Kata)


  1. Colin Gammell (3rd Sparring & 4th in Kata)
  2. Hugh Farrelly

Also in attendance

  1. Tim Kenny
  2. John Fitzpatrick
  3. Elizabeth Kenny
  4. Niall Malone

Congratulations go out to all who took part in the competition and a big thank you goes out to all the people who helped with the driving and looking after the kids. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.
The next Best of the Best Championships 2002 (Round 1) are on Saturday, January 26th in the same venue so letís go for more awards next year with much improved numbers from Blackrock and Greystones.

Article written by Niall Malone.

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