ASKO Biographies

Very short biographies of some of the ASKO black belt committee members.

JAMES MURPHY - Chief Instructor of ASKO

James started his Martial Arts career in Killester Karate Club at fourteen years of age studying Kempo in 1973 and trained under Sensei Brendan Walsh. Some great black belts emerged from Killester such as Des Tracy, Dave Roberts, and Mick Travers. In 1979 James moved to ESB Karate Club in Merrion Square with Joe Teeling and later to Sportsco, Ringsend and on to East Wall where he received his Black Belt in 1980.

James was actively involved in National Karate competitions at fifteen years of age up to thirty two with a lot of titles (too many to list here !) when karate competitions were held in the Mansion House. The serious Martial Arts exponents included Senseis such as Barney Coleman Shay Padget, Fran Nangle, Joe Close, Joe Canning and †Eddie Downey to name a few.

His greatest martial arts moment was seeing Tatsuo Suzuki in the national stadium with four of his top instructors when James was 17 years old.

He is one of the founding members of ASKO which is one of the longest surviving organizations in Ireland today.

His ambition is to see it grow stronger and become a major player at National and World level.

NIALL MALONE - 2nd Dan Black Belt

Niall has been training for the past 21 years and opened Blackrock Karate Club in 1991.† Since then the club has gone from strength to strength. He achieved his 2nd Dan Black Belt in April 1999. He has brought two senior students to their 1st and 2nd Dan grades and has many junior students getting ready for their Brown and Black belts. Under Niallís instruction many of his students have reached National and World recognition in sparring and Kata. Niall will be getting ready for his 3rd Dan Black Belt early in 2002.

KEVINA MALONE - 2nd Dan Black Belt

Kevina has been involved in training and teaching for the past 12 years and has been with Blackrock karate club for the past 9.5 years. She achieved her 1st Dan Black belt in April 1999 and her 2nd Dan in July 2001. She also studies Bushido Kickboxing for the past 4 years and is going for her 1st Kyu in December 2001. She successfully competes at National and World levels in sparring and Kata. She is presently Chairperson of A.S.K.O and is studying at D.C.U covering Exercise and Fitness.

MARIAN MORRISSEY - 1st Dan Black Belt

First started Karate in late 1985 - the Greystones Karate Club was at that time training in St. Kevins N.S. in Greystones - and being run by Patrick Darcy.
For a person who had never really had an interest in sports except to watch it, suddenly I would not miss training and friends and family alike began to wonder what Karate had, that took a couch potato and turned her into somebody who enjoyed sport, especially taking part.
As each grade went by all I ever wanted to do was achieve the top standard and eventually I arrived at my goal on the night of 17th December 1998. The grade time for my Black Belt had arrived and by the end of the night my wish had come true and the training and dedication had paid off and I was awarded my Black Belt.
Now it was my turn and I took over the running of the Greystones Club - which I am happy to say is growing and hopefully we will celebrate again our next big event our 25th Birthday in two years time. We go from strength to strength.
With a little luck and a lot of effort I hope to be able to bring to the Club all and perhaps a little more of the feelings of reaching a little beyond my own ability and strength and arriving beyond what was thought could be achieved in the first instance.

CIARA REID - 1st Dan Black Belt
Date of Birth : 23rd June 1980
Occupation : Student (Higher Diploma in Education)
Black Belt Grade : 4th April 2000
Best Martial Arts Memory : Achieving Black Belt
Best Martial Arts Advice Received : Always keep things simple
Favourite Kata : Seishan
Favourite Technique : Snap punch
Martial Arts Likes : Teaching
Martial Arts Dislikes : Students who brag to their friends about their karate training - modesty and discretion achieve more in the long term

COLETTE CONDON - 1st Dan Black Belt

Married to David. Three kids.†Lives in Shankill
Started Karate 7 years ago
Best Martial Arts memory : Receiving Black Belt 13th May 2001
Favourite Kata : Seishan
Karate likes: Teaching

COLIN GAMMELL - 1st Dan Black Belt

He finally achieved his ambition of attaining his Black Belt on Sunday, July 1st 2001.
He joined Karate for two reasons (1) A friend of his was already training and had talked to him about it and (2) He had problems with being bullied.
Colin has come through many Instructors Mick Dowd, Pat Darcy, David Blaides who together with other Black Belts helped him achieve his ambition. Colin feels that Karate has not only helped in his general fitness, it has taught him self-confidence and the ability to defend himself should the need arise.
Colin hopes eventually to open a Club of his own, but in the mean time he wants to learn as much as possible and continue to enter Association and Outside Competitions to learn more from other Clubs and Associations and hopefully to help keep Greystones name forward in Karate.

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