Triple black belt grading
Sunday 13/05/01

1st Dan Black Belt Triple Grade

Congratulations go to John Fitzpatrick (Blackrock), Colette Condon (Shankill) and Gavin Fox (Shankill) who successfully obtained their 1st Dan Black Belts on Sunday 13th of May 2001 in Blackrock Club.

They were put through their paces by Sensei James Murphy (4th Dan) Chief Instructor of A.S.K.O and Sensei Pat D’arcy Deputy Chief Instructor. A.S.K.O is established for over 25 years and currently consists of Blackrock, Greystones and Shankill Clubs.

Their grading not only covered syllabus, Renraku, Kihon Waza, Semi-Frees and Kihons but also tested on Self-Defence, explanation of Katas, Theory and Sparring. They were worked hard and at the end of the day it was worth all the effort put in as they succeded in obtining the ellusive Black.

John has been training since 1991 with the Blackrock Wado-Ryu Karate Club under the instruction of Niall Malone (2nd Dan). John is the first Male student to achieve his Black Belt in the Blackrock Club. "John has been a model student; his enthusiasm and commitment have helped the Blackrock Club become as strong as it is today" says Niall.

Also in attendence were Paul Fox (3rd dan), Niall Malone (2nd dan), Paddy Martin (2nd dan), Kevina Malone (1st dan), Marian Morrisey (1st dan), David Blades (1st dan), Ciara Reed (1st dan) and Frank Lynch (1st dan).

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking James and Pat and all the students who played an important part in making the day a special one for the new Black Belts in A.S.K.O.

We also wish Colin Gammel the very best of luck on July 1st 2001 as he will be going forward for his Black belt grading in Greystones Club.

Article written by Kevina Malone.

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