Brian Kerr talk

No. Problems for Athletes Role of Coach
1 Lifestyle Coach / Manager
2 Realistic goal-setting (understanding athletes problems) Role model
3 Motivation Educator
4 Career Advisor
5 Injury management Counselor
6 Dealing with failure Consoler
7 Life's distractions Goal setter
8 Physical Development Decision maker
9 Family difficulties Parent substitute
10 Geography Financier
11 Media attention Common sense (situation not very common)

Children care of, not in control of...

No. Players Needs Guidance and Solutions
1 Commitment Discuss, delegate and decide
2 Honesty Be realistic
3 Organization Find the angle to suit the situation
4 Information Show no favoritism but respect genius
5 Support Show your emotions
6 Preparations Be aware of players' feelings
7 Positive environment Knowledge
8 Discipline Experience
9 Flexibility Qualifications
10 Accessibility Personnel skills
11 Communication Don't accept mediocrity
Players: 1. Skill. 2. Fitness. 3. Physiological. 4. Social.

No. Parents should...
1 Praise good behavior
2 Praise attempts not outcomes
3 Appreciate talent and attitudes
4 Display patience
5 Show consistency
6 Set examples on the sidelines
7 Help with the team

No. Remember, Young Children...
1 Are easily led
2 Are over-anxious to please
3 Are over-enthusiastic
4 Won't knowingly cheat

No. Remember, Coach...
1 Parents become frustrated watching matches
2 Sometimes parents expect too much

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