Coaching Tips

Always be aware of:

What should a coach's two main priorities be?

  1. Develop the skills
  2. Make sure those involved enjoy themselves

Identify the Skills

How can these Skills be developed?

How do you teach a Skill?

Teaching a Skill

What format does your typical training session take?

  1. Warm-up
  2. Stretching
  3. Short Skill Revision
  4. Demonstrate a New Skill
  5. Practice the New Skill unopposed
  6. Practice the New Skill under pressure
  7. Drills with emphasis on New Skills
  8. Conditioned Games (???)
  9. Small-sided Games (???)
  10. Warm-down

Creating Rules

Organisational Hints

Children's View of a good Coach

Children's View of a bad Coach

Parents should...

Remember, Young Children...


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