Greystones Karate Club

A Brief History

Founded by Patrick Darcy in 1977 the Club has undergone many changes in its history and its membership. But with the celebration of its 21st Birthday the Club has started to move into the new century with the knowledge of the past still very much available to it and with the hunger of the new the club can only get better with age. It has played an active part in helping sporting fitness of not only club members but also members of other sporting clubs in the area.

The club has had many Black Belts who have never stinted on passing on knowledge to the future generations that have and are still passing through the club.

The Club has a strong junior section who are beginning to want to spread their wings and try Outside Competition and mixing with other Associations and learn what they are all about.

The Senior section has a strong mixture of Male and Female with all working for one another and wanting the best not just for themselves but the Club.

Hopefully we will also be able to send some of our students to outside competitions to represent Themselves, The Club and of course Greystones.

Having celebrated our 21st birthday with the return of past members, black belts, other members of the A.S.K.O and members of A.I.K.W Drogheda met for the celebrations and demonstrations. They included Demo/Fights/Self Defence/Kata which were excellent and were created by both kids and adults. The night concluded with a charity STRIP-TEASE by 3 members of the club who hoped their courage would raise money and their standing with other members - which we were glad to say worked !

Some of the club members are now nearing the high level in training standards, with Kenny Loftus having just graded to his 1st Kyu Brown Belt, Kenny’s grade was 1st class and he well deserved his grade. Colin Gammel graded recently for his Black Belt (see photos in the Black Belt Gradings section) and we wish him all the best for his next big step in his sporting life. Having attained his goal Colin will then take a more active part in the training of the Junior and Senior members of the club.

The members are starting to move around the different clubs in the association and also very shortly around other associations with the week-end trip to Cork on the agenda.

Instructor : Marion Morrissey [1st Dan Black belt].

The Greystones club trains in the same venue twice a week:

The training takes place in the Scouts Den in Greystones.

The training hours are as follows.

Thursday evening :

Sunday morning :

Greystones Karate Club
    Scouts Den,

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