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Motivational suggestions


Setting goals and promising yourself to obey them whether it be at work, Karate training or at home is very easy, how many of us have made plans only to never come close to implementing them, so here are a few tips from myself John Fitz help you achieve your goals especially as regards your Karate.

Getting to the Dojo

Most important and probably the hardest part of the training session but once you get there put on your Karate Gi and warm up your enthusiasm will return. So get to the dojo and the rest will fall into place!!! As a subset of this I would add "Never Bemoan the Discipline that it takes to get you to the Dojo".

Be grateful for your fortune

It may sound a bit silly but we are lucky to live in a developed country with many luxuries a large part of the world will never have (including the opportunity to train in Wado-Ryu).
Through illness and injury many people can never experience the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment and surge of energy and well being that come from a good training session or performing the perfect Kata.

Watch Less TV

How many people the world over including myself waste hours watching TV yet claim to have no spare time. TV numbs the mind and fills it with rubbish that you really donít need to see. Believe it or not, the typical Irish adult watches 18 hours of TV per week !!!

Donít let others drag you down

Let people close to you know how important Karate is to you and that you really donít want to miss training!! With their support and encouragement results will come faster: donít let pessimistic people fill you with negative thoughts.

Set specific goals

When setting goals be realistic set small readily achievable goals write them down and leave them in a place where you will see them regularly (perhaps on your fridge). Consult with us your instructors for help with this in relation to Wado-Ryu.

Be creative

When you train by yourself use all amenities available to you to make it more enjoyable, vary your routines, the order you practice Kata in, try them blind folded, etc.

Gain information

Like everything in life the more information you have, the less the chance of failure. Be inquisitive, donít believe everything you read, if in doubt ask the instructors (Niall, Kevina, John).

Finally the 5 Pís

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance: plan your day or week to fit in your training, relaxation time, etc.

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