Joe Teeling Memorial
Pat Darcy Perpetual 


The Pat D'Arcy Perpetual and the Joe Teeling Memorial competitions were held in Tobernea terrace (Blackrock club) hosted by A.S.K.O on the 28th of October 2001. These two competitions are held every year, the Joe Teeling has been running since 1976 and the Pat D'Arcy since 1994. The Joe Teeling Memorial is the Men's senior team event (3 men per team) and the Pat D'Arcy is the Ladies individual competition. The chief Referee of the day was Sensei James Murphy Chief Instructor of A.S.K.O.

For some reason these two competitions really ignite the flames of passion for triumph between the three clubs Blackrock, Greystones and Shankill. There were 7 teams entered in the Men's event. Club pride was at stake so each club stepped up to the plate and fought with great sportsmanship and enthusiasm. After two hours the scores were totted up and Blackrock A team clinched 1st Place, 2nd place went to Greystones B, 3rd place Blackrock B and 4th place went to Blackrock C. The competition and trophy presentation was only just over when the talk was already about strategy and tactics for next year.

The ladies competition was equally as hotly contested as the males. This was a knockout competition, so the ladies had one shot only to advance further. There was a lot of new talent in the ladies section which turned out to make it a very interesting event. Eve Dalton (Blackrock) took 4th place, Louise Acton (Blackrock) was 3rd, Anneline Weinmann (Blackrock) took 2nd and Kevina Malone (Blackrock) took 1st. Anneline and Kevina are the more experienced in this section, but I think they will have to watch out next year as the young fighters are coming up fast and hungry for awards.

Overall an excellent day was had by all competitors. First Aid was on hand with Catherine Wade and I am glad to say she had a very restful day. Congratulation goes out to everybody who took part and who helped organise such a successful day. See below for sections and placing.

Article written by Kevina Malone.


Ladies Competition

Qualifying Rounds 1/4 Finals 1/2 Finals Finals Winners
        1st - Kevina Malone
1. Anneline Weinmann       2nd - Anneline Weinmann
  1. Anneline Weinmann     3rd - Louise Acton
2. Hillary Guiran       4th - Eve Dalton
    1. Anneline Weinmann    
3. - BYE        
  2. Jane Acton      
4. - BYE        
      1. Anneline Weinmann  
5. - BYE        
  3. Jennifer Napier      
6. - BYE        
    2. Louise Acton    
7. Louise Acton        
  4. Louise Acton      
8. Ciara Reid        
        1. Kevina Malone
9. Cathy (Greystones)        
  5. Eve Dalton      
10. Eve Dalton        
    3. Eve Dalton    
11. Hazel Acton        
  6. Fiona Lavelle      
12. Fiona Lavelle        
      2. Kevina Malone  
13. Aisling Caren        
  7. Kevina Malone      
14. Kevina Malone        
    4. Kevina Malone    
15. Colette Condon        
  8. Colette Condon      
16. Zia Holly        


Mens Competition

Participating teams:


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