ASKO Mission Statement

The Mission of The Amateur Sports Karate Organisation

ASKO affirms that Karate can contribute positively to the development of individuals. It provides an excellent opportunity for people to learn new skills, become more confident and maximise their own potential.

ASKO asserts that Karate should be conducted in an atmosphere of fair play and an emphasis should be put on fun as well as competition. Karate should always be conducted in a safe, positive and encouraging atmosphere.

All ASKO instructors and mentors should give clear guidelines regarding acceptable standards of behaviour. The importance of participation, best effort and enjoyment rather than winning should be stressed.

Everyone in ASKO should accept the role and responsibilities that they undertake in their commitment to maintaining an enjoyable and safe environment.

ASKO, its clubs and instructors are guided by a set of core values, which provide the foundation for all coaching and practice.

Young people are the centre of all our associationís activities, policies and procedures and they will be encouraged to achieve their full potential through Karate at an age appropriate level.

Safety is the paramount concern of all those responsible for providing opportunities at whatever level in Karate an individual is involved.

In conclusion, we want Karate to be safe, we want Karate to be fun and we want to ensure that it takes place in the spirit of fair play.


Article compiled and written by Ciara Reid

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