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ASKO Karate update Karate Club updates for Students and parents September 2005

1. The Table Quiz in Martello Hotel, organized by Ciara Reid & Derek Coughlan was a great success with 19 tables, thanks to those of you that supported it, so far it has also managed to raise €865.00 euro along with being a great evening out for all of ASKO.
2. The Joe Teeling/Pat Darcy Tournament has been postponed till 25th September 2005 – See Calendar below for all date changes.
3. Our sincere thanks to the 16 people who managed to keep all the Tills going in Dunnes Stores for the Bag packing on Thursday 11th & Friday 12th August last. You managed to raise €1,275.00 Euro in the 2 days. This money goes towards the team of ASKO going to Canada in November but your help especially if not going away was very much appreciated.
4. For training club details, contact the relevant Club instructor at the bottom on the Newsletter.
5. ASKO Fight suits are in and disappearing fast, if you want one, let your instructor know size immediately. (€40 Euro and only 10 left between the 7 clubs in ASKO)
6. Possible Karate Weapons seminar available 2 hours – 20 euro, covers all weapons most closely linked to Wado-Ryu Karate – Let me know if interested. (only one person so far)
7. ASKO is no longer subsidizing the Tracksuits so if you want one now, it will be full cost
8. Those who have qualified for the WKA – Don’t forget to have your deposits in by Sept 15th 2005 (1150 total) and we need you to confirm your Irish team tracksuit and fight suit size – Let Niall know
9. Kevina has been nominated into the World Black-belt Hall of Fame in the USA as “National Instructor of the year”. Please congratulate her when you see her. Its great news for both the club and the Organisation. The induction takes place on 12th November 2005 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
10. Bag packing dates arranged, please let your instructor know you availability – See dates below in the Calendar.
11. Self Defence classes being requested by a number of people – anyone else interested, let Niall know – starting 14th September in Star Fitness in Bray.
Any suggestions on another additional venue for training?

Superstars are running and the latest scoreboard

is available on the notice board.

High kicks & superstar Competition results to date below:

WELL done to all of those who passed their grades.

Mike Mullen in Top Pro Sports Ltd. 3 Aungier Street. Dublin 2 Ireland, Tel: +353 1 478 2042 / 478 2064 Fax: +353 1 475 2795
For all you Martial Arts Supplies. Karate suits etc Remember to mention the club you are from

THE LATEST quarterly issue of Irish Fighter (September, 2005)

is now published and available in newsagents throughout

the 32 Counties. If you've difficulty in obtaining copies

you can contact me directly (see phone numbers below).
If you're an instructor I'd be grateful if you'd let your students

know that the magazine is now on sale.

Finally, if you think you have a story, but aren't quite sure how to

approach it please contact me directly. I'm always pleased

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Advertising rates are available on request and are priced to suit

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Regards, Rob Corwell.

Rob Corwell, Irish Fighter, P.O. Box 3827, Dublin 7, Ireland
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Name(s) (Height of kick above Head height In millimetres) 1st Alan Shakespeare 266mm. 2nd Vincent Keating 252mm. 3rd Aoife Daily 246mm. 4th Anneline Weinmann 242mm. 5th Ruth Millar 225mm. 6th Denis Duffy 188mm. 7th Advan Moorthy 146mm. 8th Zia holly 141mm. 9th Eoghan Carrick 120mm. 10th Shane Jackson 96mm. 11th Anuri Moorthy 79mm. 12th Michael keating 63mm. 13th Conor O’Dea 13mm.


Place Points Name 1st 37 David Mc Evoy. 2nd 27 Joseph Keating. 3rd 26 Ian Mc Carthy. 4th 26 Shane Kenny. 5th 25 Vincent Keating. 6th 22 Alan Shakespeare. 7th 17 Aneurin Moorthy. 8th 15 Angela Whislter. 9th 13 Michael Keating. 10th 11 Niall Malone. 11th 10 Padraig Lamb. 12th 9 Shane Jackson. 13th 6 Anthony Whistler.
 Congrate to all 16 people who attended the Best of the Best in Roadstone
last Saturday. Great Show by all participants - 9 top awards.

Please make it down to Sensei Paul Hannan's ASKO Karate Club which has opened-
It's on every friday evening at 6-7p.m. for children and 7-9p.m. for Adults.
The Club is in St. Andrews Hall, Mount Merrion Avenmue, Blackrock (to the right and rear of the church)



Name Club

Colin Bengochee (Bray) Barry Coughlan (Bray) Luke Costello (Bray) Paul Doran (Bray) Gillian Bradshaw (Bray) Vincnet Keating (Blackrock) Zia Holly (Blackrcock) Ruth Miller (Blackrock) Shane Kenny (Blackrock) Aran Quinn (Blackrock) Andrew de Barra (Blackrock) David de Barra (Blackrock) Fiona Lavelle (Graystones) Ciara Reid (Bray) Samantha Redmond (Bray) Derek Coughlan (Bray)


Fiona Lavelle - 2nd Fighting Zia Holly - 3rd Fighting Shane Kenny - 3rd Fighting Aran Quinn - 2nd Fighting Andrew de Barra - 3rd Kata David de Barra - 3rd Kata AranQuinn - 2nd Kata Ruth Miller - 3rd Kata Vincent Keating- 3rd Kata

A.S.K.O. Leg of the Leagues 2005

Venue: Blackrock Den
Cost: 12yrs & under = 12euro 13yrs & above = 15euro
Time: 10:00
Date: Sunday 20/03/05
Peewees: 11yrs and under at the beginning of tournament.
Cadets: 12-14yrs (Must not be 15 at the beginning of tournament).
Juniors: 15-17yrs (Must not be 18 at beginning of tournament).
Mens/Ladies: 18yrs and over.
Divisions: Individual Sparring
1. Peewees Under 4’6” (White to Green) (May be subdivided depending on numbers)
2. Peewees Under 4’6” (Blue to Brown) (May be joined with above group if numbers are low)
3. Peewees Over 4’6” (White to Green) (May be subdivided depending on numbers)
4. Peewees Over 4’6” (Blue to Brown) (May be joined with above group if numbers are low)
5. Cadets Under Blue Belt
6. Cadets Blue Belt & Over (May be joined with above group if numbers are low)
7. Juniors
8. Ladies
9. Mens
Team Sparring
10. 5 people from each club to make up a team. A team must consist of the following:
1 Male, 1 Female, 1 Junior, 1 Cadet, 1 Peewee.
Individual Kata
11. All Peewee Under 4’6”
12. All Peewee Over 4’6”
13. Cadets (May be joined with juniors if numbers are low)
14. Juniors (May be joined with cadets if numbers are low)
15. Seniors (Male and Female together)
Team Kata
16. 5 people from each club to make up a team. Each club must put at least 1 team forward for kata.
Scoring of Kata:
There will be 3 judges in each section. Each judge will give his/her number of points out of 10, and then the three scores will be added up.
Team Rules:
Where a team cannot make up a team, an ASKO team will be formed with the grouping of students from the different clubs. There must be 3 members of the team from the same club to make up the team; otherwise the team becomes an Open Mixed ASKO team. No changes can be made to the team on the day (i.e. Mixing/Swapping).
1pt for all controlled Hand Techniques.
1pt for a Kick to the body.
1pt for controlled Jump Kicks to the body.
2pt for controlled Kicks to the head.
Front leg sweeps are allowed, but do not score without out a followed up strike.
Scores to the back are allowed.
2pt scores are not awarded for combination techniques.
2pt scores are not awarded for strikes to an unguarded face
The winner is the first person to get to 6 points or the person with the most points at the end of the bout.
Scoring Areas:
• Head
• Face (Touch contact for Peewees)
• Stomach
• Chest
• Back
Bout Lengths:
Peewees – 1min30secs
All other – 2mins
Illegal Areas:
• Throat & Neck
• Groin
• Legs
• Joints (Elbows/Knees)
• Karate suit or Sparring Suit/Belt/Badges for Yellow & above
• Mitts must cover fingers (Change if not available) (No penalty)
• Groin guards (All Males only- disqualify if not on inside for Cadets & up)
• Chest guard /Sports Bra Ladies (Compulsory)
• Gum shield (Compulsory – Disqualified if not wearing)
• Shin pads (Compulsory)
• Toe & Heel covered footpads (Compulsory)
• Fingernails/Toe nails must be cut (If not disqualify)
• Long hair must be tied back / No Jewellery
Penalty points/Disqualification:
Incorrect gear, Arguing, Excessive Contact, Long toe & fingernails, Jewellery, Drawing Blood, Heckling from spectators, Entering wrong section or any other type of insubordination. (This will be at the Referee’s discretion following agreement from other Judges & if necessary from the Chief Referee.)
• No late entries will be accepted – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
• Competitors must enter both kata & sparring.
• Competitors must arrive at 9.45am to allow for registration & the smooth running of the competition.
• NB: If a competitor is unavailable for the 1st Leg of the League, then the club instructor must inform Denis at least 7 days prior to the competition; if there is any late notification of competitor unavailability then he/she will be unable to take part in the competition.
Questions, contact:-
Vincent or Denis
0877456279 / 086 8494847