RDS Demo 2002

The RDS Demonstration held by IMAC last Saturday was brilliant - ASKO did a great job for their demo covering sparring, kata, ren-raku waza, self defence, kihon kumite, and uke waza.
We were the only other Karate Organisation to take part with Philip Nulty's School from Droheda (IKAB Secretary).
All other Martial Arts in IMAC were represented.

The students who attended the RDS demo are the following:

  1. Ronan Gill - Blackrock
  2. Vincent Keating - Blackrock
  3. Zia Holly - Blackrock
  4. Hazel Acton - Blackrock
  5. Louise Acton - Blackrock
  6. Mark Crofton - Blackrock
  7. Eoghan Carrick - Blackrock
  8. Paul Hannan - Blackrock
  9. Niall Malone - Blackrock (instructor)

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