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Sensei Suzuki Short Biography

Compiled by Colette Condon

Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki was born in Yokohama Japan on 27th April 1928. He began training in karate at the age of 14. By the age of 19 he was a third dan black belt. In 1951 at the age of 24 he was awarded the then highest grade in Wado Ryu style Karate - fifth dan.

He was taught by Hanchi Hironori Otsuka the founder of Wado Ryu style Karate. Sensei Otsuka has received the Shiju Hoosho medal for service to sport from the Government of Japan, the only man in the history of Karate to have received it. He was also awarded the title Shodai Karate-do Meijin Judan - the greatest title possible from the Imperial Japanese family. So Tatsuo Suzuki had a worthy teacher indeed.

Sensei Suzuki graduated in Economics from the University of Japan. From 1945-1956 he trained under Sensei Otsuka. After that he travelled with him as his most senior instructor. From 1956 1964 Sensei Suzuki was the chief instructor of the Tokai region in Japan.

In 1963 Sensei Suzuki started to travel to Europe and America to provide instruction and perform demonstrations. In January 1965 he founded the first Wado Federation in England and from his base in London he spread Wado Ryu through out Europe.

At the age of 45 he was presented with a silver cup by Hagashi Kuni noMiya the uncle of the late Emperor of Japan. In 1975 he received his eight dan the highest Grade ever given by the Federation of All Japan Karate-do organisations. In that year he also received the highest Japanese martial arts title of Hanshi from the Emperor Higashikuni. He is the only living person with this title in Wado Ryu.

Sensei Suzuki is also a 2nd dan in Tenshin Koryu Bo Jitsu (stick fighting) and a 1st Dan in Judo.

At the age of 74 Sensei Suzuki still travels giving seminars and demonstrations.

He has visited Ireland on a number of occasions the most recent being 11th November 2001 at which a large number of Asko Instructors and students were present.

Sensei Suzuki Seminar

Cloghran, Sunday 11th November 2001

Sunday, November 11th 2001 marked a new day in the ASKO History when a group of Instructors and Students from all the ASKO clubs attended a seminar held by Sensei Suzuki, the highest ranking Wado-Ryu exponent in the world today (8th Dan Black Belt).

Picture of the lucky ASKO Students and Instructors around Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki.
From left to right, back row: Sensei Paul Fox, Sensei Niall Malone, Tim Kenny
From left to right, front row: Zia Holly, Shane Kenny, Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki, Colin Gammell, Luke Martin, Vincent Keating, Anneline Wineman

A picture of all the students and instructors present at this three-hour marathon training session.

With special thanks to Sensei Robert McGrath of the WIKF for his kind invitation.

Sensei Suzuki Seminar

Dundrum, Saturday 22nd June 2002

Saturday, June 22nd was another great day for ASKO Ireland. Sensei Suzuki came for another 3-hour long seminar, during which he taught many students and instructors alike.
Almost 100 martial arts practitioners gathered in Taney Parish Hall in Dundrum for this unique opportunity to take part in a very intense, deep and emotional class.
Sensei Suzuki introduced the martial artists present to several new techniques as well as Wado-Ryu syllabus.

Group picture taken after the class with Sensei Suzuki.

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