WKA World Championships 2001

The W.K.A. World Championships took place in Vienna Austria on August 22nd to 26th. This was the biggest turn out the W.K.A. has seen to-date with over 1800 competitors. South Africa/ Asia/ Ivory Coast making their first appearance. The opening ceremony was spectacular with all countries making their entrance under their national colours.

The first day was dedicated to Continuous Sparring, Thai Boxing and Low kicks.

The second day was for Traditional Kata and semi-contact sparring.

The third day was Musical Kata and weapons.

Unfortunately there was a mix up on the organisational part of the committee and the competition was thrown into disarray. The processing of the participants was inaccurate and transport problems added to the confusion. When the championships eventually got underway the standard of fighting and Kata was excellent.

Ireland managed to secure 4 Golds and 6 Bronzes. Anneline Weinmann successfully took Third Place in the ladies -65 kg in the point sparring division. It was a great achievement for Anneline and A.S.K.Os congratulations go out to her great success.

Article written by Kevina Malone.

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