The Internet Movie Database. The essential starting point for all movie surfing.

The Online Film Critics Society. A large group of online film critics dedicated to improving the quality and profile of on-line reviewing.

The Cinemarati. Another group of online film critics whose site emphasises a round-table discussion approach.

The Greatest Films. A very professional and polished site with an emphasis on classic Hollywood.

The Film 100. A listing of the 100 most influential film-makers of all time, according to the site developer. A bit awkward to use, but with good general info and with useful links.

Kino On-Line. A U.S. video retailer which specialises in old or rare movies.

All Movie Portal. Retail and review site which carries syndicated pieces by a variety of people including myself and other members of the OFCS.

The A series of listings of movie times, review sites, and other data. Useful.

Movie Review Query Engine. Handy searchable database of on line reviews.

Cinemania. No. Not that one. Dublin-based memorabilia store with posters, books, videos, DVDs, soundtracks, figurines, and old movie magazines.

Oh, The Humanity. Site devoted to the worst movies on earth. Great fun.

The Z Review. Similiar UK-based site focusing on trashing bad big movies and web sites. Site featuring downloadable Irish short film Underworld, an ambitious personally-funded project for director Ronan Gallagher. Only hitch: no Mac compatibility... tut, tut, tut.
. Lively amateur site which invites visitors to submit their own reviews.

Jengo's Home Page. A listing of links and resources for filmmakers run by a production assistant who does it just out of general interest. What a trooper!


Apple. They may have their managerial problems, but we all love our Macs. A very busy site.

An attractive browser that's easy to use. Create competition: try it out.

I guess I ought to put this one in, after all, the nice people are giving me this web space and my connection to the internet.

Cyberian Outpost.
Tired of scouring the shops of Europe for Macintosh software? Fear not. These people ship from the U.S. via DHL. I've used them a couple of times and been delighted with the results (no, I'm not getting a commission).

Happy Puppy.
A colourful download site dedicated to games (oh right, like you never play any!)
A more functional download site with legitimate utilities and programmes as well as games (sheesh!).


NCAD. I've been asked about this place several times, so here's a link to the official college site.

Film at UCD. Information on courses in Film Studies in Dublin.


The Animal Welfare Resource Site of Ireland.
Not the ISPCA or DSPCA, but a good site for information on animal adoption and other pet resources in Ireland.

Greenpeace Ireland. At least these guys have their electronic act together. Okay, so now you think I'm a knee-jerk loony left liberal hippy junkie new age peace and love person. Of course, if you're someone who actually knows me, you'll laugh your head off at that assumption.

Irish Interest

Searc's Web Guide. Irish based web guide with links to Irish and Irish-themed sites.

The Boston Irish Film Festival. Site featuring details of the annual Boston Irish film festival.

Searching Ireland. Irish-themed search engine.

Arts and culture review site.

Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.
The official site of Irish-based Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, whose inventive, literate, and funny CD recordings are a must for fans of sci-fi comedy, Irish literature, and surrealist insanity.

L-Space. The kind of thing the internet is all about: a site dedicated to Terry Pratchett for diehard Discworld fans. Great fun.

The Internet Movie Critic.
A personal review site rather than a commerical one like those listed above, run by an enthusiastic Mac User with a long and great affection for movies.

Majestic Books.
A small publisher specialising in children's books who offers an interesting workbook for introducing children to film appreciation.

All links are provided on the basis of information current at the time of posting. If links don't work, please e-mail me. Suggestions for links are also welcome.