Here you will find quotes and analysis of the issues confronting humankind.

War On Terror - Fighting Islamic Fundamentalism in Iraq and around the Globe
War For Iraq - the War, the Diplomacy, and who needs the French?

Current Affairs - Hot Topics such as Israel and Globalisation
European Affairs - The European Union and politics in Britain and France
American Affairs - A look at the politics of the world's sole superpower.
Only In Ireland - When it comes to politics in Ireland, you don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Andrew Sullivan - A page devoted to the insightful commentator on American and British politics.
Mark Steyn - by far the funniest thing to ever come out of Canada
Peter Hitchens - author of "A Brief History of Crime" & "The Abolition of Britain"

Party Politics - In every age, the political Right and Left fight it out to be the ones to solve our problems.

Modern Worries - Do we need a Nanny State to protect us from Risk Frenzies?
The Skeptical Environmentalist - Bjorn Lomborg's controversial book on the true state of the world.
The Ultimate Resource - The late Julian Simon's thought-provoking work.
Fragile Science - Robin Baker investigates the reality behind the headlines

Quotes about the delicate issue of Race and the legacy of Racism.

What's past is prologue. To face the problems of today, we must understand their origins.
Modern Times - Paul Johnson's incisive history of the 20th century.


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