Joey : What was that?
Dawson : A kiss...I think.
Joey : You kissed me.
Dawson : I know.

Dawson : It was just the sweetest, most romantic, Fourth of July fireworky, waves crashing on the shore, beyond any movie I could ever imagine kiss.

Pacey : You know I can't believe this. After years of gratuitous self-examination, you finally did it, you acted. I mean, I thought you and Joey were going to draw out this 'will they-won't they' drama for at least another couple of years. Sam and Diane didn't get together for at least 4 seasons and Mulder and Scully...they haven't even kissed! If you and Joey can get across this romantic checkmate thing you've been in for GOD knows how many years...anything is possible!

Joey : Hey Dawson: Hey. As my first act as your date, I thought choclates, diamonds, covertibles... but um, I settled for a foliage.
Joey : Foliage is good.
Dawson : So, should we go?
Joey : Yeah.
Dawson : Okay... I'm really glad we've already bypassed the end of the evening "will she kiss me" drama. Um... so it should be pretty much smooth sailing from here on out...
Joey : Yeah, but now you endure the agony of "well, i've already kiss her so should we just check into a motel and go at it like porn stars" anxiety. Dawson : I.. I think I can handle that
Joey : Well.. Um... good, cause I know a good motel...
Dawson : Um.. How about we start with something very simple... Something that goes beyond this month's Penthouse Forum.
Joey : And.. Um.. what would that be Dawson?
Dawson: I would really like to hold your hand.
Joey : Okay.

Jen : The whole time that we were dating, were you really wishing that you were with Joey?
Dawson : What? No.
Jen : It seems a little sad really, that I was the girl who's sole purpose was to allow you to figure out who you were in love with.



Mitch : Dawson, boy-girl sleep overs are no longer within the appropriate boundries. Now Joey isn't a little girl anymore, which you've seemed to have noticed.

Pacey : You know what, your absolutely right. I'm sick and tired of being Dawson Leery's sidekick. I'm gonna get my own story line!

Abby : You can bet those 2 won't be the poster couple for abstinence much longer.
Jen : What, Joey and Dawson? Yeah right, she'll hold out and he'll just get sick and tired of it...
Abby : Oh, come on, all those years of sleeping in the same bed. There's not much more they need to know about eachother if you know what I mean.
Jen : No, no, they're like brother and sister. I mean Dawson even told me so himself he doesn't ever think of her sexually...
Abby : Well maybe they're pretending they're in Kentucky...

Jen : Hey.
Pacey : Hey.
Jen : What are you bumming about?
Pacey : Nothing... I got a bad case of the Molly Ringwalds today...
Jen : Hmm... let me see, umm in "Breakfast Club," she gets detention... "Pretty In Pink," she gets dumped before Prom... In "16 Candles," everybody forgets about her birthday... is that it? Is today your birthday?
Pacey : Big 1-6, whoopee!

Pacey : I should be happy for them... I am happy for them...
Jen : Me too...
Pacey : No you're not...
Jen : I know.

Jack : Excuse me, do you have a second, could you tell your sister I work here now, cause she's not letting me in the kitchen.

Dawson : God, think about it, you and me together? It's perfect... None of that pretentious getting-to-know-you crap. I already know everthing there is to know about you. How you think, how you feel.

Pacey : Are we having a moment here?
Dawson : I think we are.

Pacey : Okay, can't say it hasn't been pleasant talking to you, but don't you think you should go out and mingle, and meet some new people?
Andie : Yeah, I probably should, but new people make me nervous, I never know what to say, and eventually I just clam up totally...
Pacey : You joking? Because you haven't stopped talking since the moment I meant you...
Andie : Well you don't make me nervous, you make me mad... Mad beats nervous...

Andie : Hey, you're in luck, another varsity cheerleader slash rocket scientist, and she's checking you out..
Pacey : She's looking at me? You know, cause I haven't had a lot of luck with the senior cheerleaders this year...
Andie : Luck has nothing to do with it. Some older women happen to like younger men...
<Pacey just laughs >
Andie : So go ahead, go talk to her, what have you got to lose?
Pacey : I don't know... Uh, dignity, humility, face...
Andie : Ah, It's not like you had any of those things to begin with...
Pacey : Okay, you know what McPhee, I really wish I made you nervous.



Dawson : "Don't even try to tell me that when you were my age, you weren't sneaking around and making out with girls in the backs of cars and movie theatres!"
Mitch : "You're right, I was. But that was the whole fun of being fifteen, Dawson! It was the fear of getting caught that made it more dangerous... and exciting!"
Dawson : "So by restricting my access to Joey, what you're really trying to do is liven up my sex life? Hear that, mom?"

Jen: "What are you saying? That I- I- I should just take off all my clothes and throw myself at him?" Abby: "It could work!"

Dawson: WellÖ Ugh, meaning, Look at you! Is that the kind of thing you normally wear to a study session? I mean, youíve been making suggestive comments, and touching me all night, and trying to beó
Jen: Dawson, If you canít handle being in the same room with meó
Dawson: Look, I can handle being in the same room with you, I just canít handle you throwing yourself at me every other second. I mean donít you find it humiliating?
Jen: Iím not humiliating anybodyÖ And I know that youíre with Joey and I accept that, I just donít respect it. And I donít mean this in a slutty self-degrading sort of way, but I just want to let you know that youíve got options. And Iím one of them.
Dawson: Who are you? What happened to Jen?
Jen: She got bored, she decided to liven things up a bit.
<She kisses him.>
Jen: I hope you can handle it Dawson.



Andie : I donít really know you Dawson but if I ask you something, do you swear that youíll keep it in the strictest of confidence?
Dawson : Yeah, absolutely.
Andie : HasÖ Pacey said anything to you about possibly, liking someone? Dawson : Liking someone? Liking who?
Andie : Liking? Well, I donít know.. Me?
Dawson : Um, I donít recall
Andie: OhÖ
Dawson : But that doesnít mean that he doesnít like you, he could very well like you, he just didnít say anything to me. Why? Do you like him?
Andie : Me? Like Pacey? No wayÖ WellÖ maybe, possiblyÖ
Dawson : Well, why donít you just.. tell him?
Andie : I could never, ever tell Pacey that. I mean, heís a pig! Heís obnoxious, thereís just no way. And you have to swear to me that you wonít tell him either. Dawson : Why do I suddenly feel like Iím in second grade.

Joey : Hey Bessie, you think I could have the day off since thereís nobody here and thereís this huge art exhibit at the college that Iím dying to go see. PleaseÖ
Bessie : Sure, Iíll hold down the fortÖ
Joey : You are without a doubt, my favorite sister.
Bessie : Iím your only sisterÖ And Joey, this place is dead, why donít you take Jack with you?
Joey : Thereís priceless art at this exhibit, I mean he could do some serious damageÖ
Bessie : Take him! I feel sorry for him he just sits aroundÖ looking dopeyÖ Joey : Hey Jack! Do you know what an art exhibit is?
Jack : Heh, Yeah! Joey: Do you want to go to one?
Jack : SureÖ
Joey : This should be entertainingÖ

Dawson: AndieÖ Andie likes you.
Pacey: Andie hates me!
Dawson: When a girl hates you the way Andie hates you it really means that she likes you. Itís basic kindergarten psychology.



"By moonlight many years ago my true love did I know. And by that moon I begged her wait, but that night did she go. So young lovers heed my words, donít squander love away. The moon is changing ever still so comes the light of day."

Andie : "So where are we going?"
Pacey : "How about the movies? That way we dont have to talk too much, so there's less chance of punches being thrown."



Andie : I'm so excited about the Homecoming dance next weekend.
Pacey : Homecoming Dance? My God, we're hanging out with Marcia Brady.

Andie : You guys mean that youíd rather watch a movie about something than doing it yourselves?
Joey and Dawson : Correct.

Andie : Heh, you guys are a bunch of cynics you know that? I mean what kind of high school memories are you guys going to have if all you did in high school was bitch and moan about everything?
Joey : Bitching memoriesó
Dawson : Moaning memories.

Andie : So Witter, I hope you have your moves polished and ready, Ďcause I plan on making a danciní fool outta you.
Pacey : Sorry, No can do McPhee. I donít dance.
Andie : What do you mean you donít dance?
Pacey : Well itís simple I donít like it and Iím really not any good at it. I mean, itís bad enough that Iím goiní on Saturday, donít expect me to get out there and busting-a-move cause itís just not gonna happen.
Andie : You donít dance? You are just beyond immatureÖ
Pacey : Well, youíre overbearing.
Andie : Boring.
Pacey : Hypersensitive.
Andie : Vulgar.
Pacey : Pick ya up at 7?
Andie : Great.
Pacey : Okay.
Dawson : You 2 having a spat?
Pacey : No, itís just are usual passive aggressive banter.
Andie : Mm-hmmÖ

Pacey : She's cute, he's cute, they've never met before, they're complete opposites and its gonna get ugly in about oh, 20 minutes.

Dawson : Don't do that! You're not going to use who I am to distract from the fact that you screwed up.



Dawson : I mean think about it, thereís not a single dramatic story line in existence that Shakespeare didnít cover - Family revenge, Political intrigue, the great gender battleÖ The guy mapped it all out for us. And what was his parting lesson? What genres of all genres did he finally arrived at after years of toil and sacrifice? Tragedy. Like all great romantics he finally realized that life is a lot more likely to end up with a bunch of dead Danish people on stage that with a kissÖ

Mr. Peterson : "What light through yonder window breaks?" It is the mid-term. And your impending failure is but hours away. Blue Books! You will notice they are blank, and for many of you, they will score higher as such, than when actually written inÖ

Mr. Peterson : I will be hosting a study session in this classroom at 3 oíclock, it is my recommendation that you attend. Unless of course your parents have dedicated at least a wing or two to an Ivy League institution, in which case your tragic East-Coast, aristocratic, social, alcoholic fate has already been sealed.

Pacey : These chick magazines are racier than Playboy, thereís always some article in there about how to prolong your this, or arouse your thatÖ

Dawson : Have you ever paid for sex?
Chris : Does dinner count?

Andie : Question number 84--ooh--"Have you ever fantasized about a friend's significant other?" Ooh, very quiet in the room all of a sudden.

Chris : Iím a good pacer. I know when to speed up, when to slow down...
Jen : And when to leave somebody alone?
Chris : Jen, is there a particular reason why you arenít receptive to my wily charms?
Jen : Other that the fact that you emit them regularly to any skirt within a 6-mile radius?
Chris : Actually, I have a car, so itís more like a Tri-State area.

Andie: "Dear Class, went home with a cold that was considerably more important than you. The test is still on for tomorrow, study the sample questions, until then. Hardly Yours, Mr. Peterson."

Dena : With meÖ always. So, care to fill me in on the details of your little love affair?
Dawson : IídÖ rather not discuss it actually, thanks.
Dena : Youíre right Dawson, why talk? People like you and me can say everything with a look.

Pacey : You know Chris, is there anything redeeming about you, other than your house?

Chris : Iím telliní ya, theyíre out there screwing around by now. Everyone knows make up sex is the best kind.
Dawson : I wouldnít know.
Chris : Donít worry buddy, the way you and Joey are going at it, thereís bound to be some serious make up sex in your future.

Jen : You know, I used to think it was our mutual feelings for Dawson that kept us apart, I never would have considered that fact that maybe you were just a bitch.

Dawson : Look, you wanted a kiss is that what you want? Are you prepared for everything that comes along with that kiss? Cause it doesnít just end with a fade out! Alright, there are repercussions, hearts get broken, friendships get ruined, your entire life could fall apart because of one kiss alright. Thatís what you have to look forward to! So do yourself a big favor, Donít rush it!

Andie : I think I was just more shocked by the idea that you have so much experience, and I, um, I....
Pacey : Will.

Pacey : You Andie McPhee, are the girl I love to hate.
Andie : I love to hate you tooÖ

Dawson : All Iíve been thinking about lately is how much I want to take back our first kiss. How much I would pay to just let you climb through that window. I mean, who knows what would have happened, I mean maybe weíd still be best friends, maybe youíd still have a thing for me. I just know that I wouldnít be hurting like this. But then I think about, everything that kiss brought into my life. What it was like to look at you and know not just what you were thinking but what you were feeling because I was feeling the same thing. And then itís all worth it. Itís worth all the pain that Iím going through. I want to regret kissing you Joey, but I canít. It was the smartest decision I ever made.
Joey : Dawson, the 2 times I fell in loveÖ on the testÖ They were both you. I mean the first time I fell was for my friend, the Dawson I grew up with, the boy across the creek, and the second time was after we kissed. I mean you became this whole new person to me, and I fell in love all over again. I mean, just because weíre not together anymore does not change my feelings for you, Dawson. Itís me Iím unsure of.

Mr Peterson : Dear Class: Sometimes preparation teaches you more than the exam itís self. Therefore you have more of it. My illness has claimed me for another day. Test rescheduled.



Pacey : Uh uh. Youíre and endangered species my friend. The last of a dying breed, and this movie is killing you softly with itís song.
Dawson : You are insulting me.
Pacey : No, Iím stating the obvious. You take in stray dogs, Dawson, you help old women across the street, you "Just Say No." You are Jimmy Stewart.
Dawson : What does that make you?
Pacey : The needless waste, born to walk in the shadows of greater men.

Dawson : I donít know what to do man, sheís spiralling.
Pacey : Maybe we should just finish watching the movie. Jimmy Stewart would know what to do.

Mitch : So um, howís Joey?
Dawson : Joey dumped me, and is falling for another guy, next?
Mitch : And um, Jen?
Dawson : Probably drunk and stuck to a sidewalk somewhere.

Counselor : Witter, Pacey. Grade point average 1.7, currently failing Biology and U.S. History. Extra Curricular Interests, None. Tendency to be disruptive in class. Has difficulty with tests requiring a #2 pencil. Letís see here... Career Aptitude test, I didnít realize to it was possible to fail an aptitude test. This shows that you have absolutely zero career objectives. Congratulations, most people with your academic record canít walk up right. Pacey : Well, what are my options?
Counselor : Summer School. Followed by a return engagement of your sophomore year. And if by some miracle you make it to graduation, a life of leisureÖ Until welfare reform kicks in that is. What? No witty comeback? Now Iím really disappointed in you, Pacey.

Andie : This isnít funny Pacey, itís just that your entire future is on the line here and I just think that you should be a little bit more nervous I mean youíre so not nervous that youíre making me nervous.

Jack : Actually, that exhibit was moved to The Met last week. However, Iím pretty sure I could get us reservations say 8:00, at Williamís. You know Billy, that um, hot dog vendor guy down on Baileyís Wharf.
Joey : Ha, you mean, like, a date?
Jack : No, no, of course not, itís more like a dat.
Joey : Oh, a datÖ
Jack : Yeah, you see, you take the "E" off of date and you have a dat.
Joey : Well, and um, what do people do on dats?
Jack : Well, thereís really no code of conduct, and etiquette is definitely possible. Just kinda make up our own rules, and um, the only requirement is that we have a great time.

Jen : I want to be your friend.
Dawson: The way Joey was my friend?

Jen : Yes, Dawson, you can come with me. But, can not bitch or moan about my partying habits, youíve got to keep an open mind, no judging.
Dawson : I can do thatÖ MaybeÖ To some degree.
Jen : And, this is not a date. Youíre way to far gone as a rebound case for me even to be remotely interested.
Dawson : Is it that obvious?
Jen : Youíre so on the rebound youíre practically bouncingÖ

Joey : Jack, how do you know all these things that normal people donít know, when you donít know things that normal people do?

Jen : Oh, youíre really one to talk, Dawson. I mean look at yourself, you donít drink, and you donít mess around, with anybody or anything, but you are the unhappiest person that I know.
Dawson : Youíre absolutely right! You know, I would take my melancholy over this any day, cause itís real. Iím not fighting to pretend that Iím having a good time!

Jen : Howís that for Irony, huh?Ö Bad girl throws up on a white picket fenceÖ Donít be disgusted by me Dawson, deal with me, okay, accept me, and accept the fact that there are people in this world that donít need savingÖ
Dawson : Jen, youíre drunk.
Jen : No, Listen to me, Iíve tried, Okay, I have tried to live my life just like you, I just donít have that sort ofÖ hopeÖ But if everybody did then people like you wouldnít be so special, soÖ
Dawson : Jen, youíre special.
Jen : No, no Iím not, you just want me to be.
Dawson : I donít agree with that, Jen if you werenít so special then you wouldnít be so miserable.



"I want to talk to you about last night. It always comes out wrong so I thought I'd write it down. The whole night was amazing, but sex changes everything. And I think that we should take some time before anything happens again."

Abby : He's on the rebound and God knows she likes to bounce.
Chris : What about you? Do you like to bounce?
Abby : Chris, your lines land like bricks.

Chris : Abby, you're Nancy Drew.... from hell.

Abby : And Jen? She has way too many intimacy issues to bump someone she cares about.

Jack : It's not that much fun playing second string.
Jen : I know what you mean. Don't worry. You'll get used to it. I have.

Jen : As much as I love the guy, he's just not there yet, and I can take all the jerks in the world climbing in and out of my bedroom window but when Dawson Leery does it, it better be for me.



Gayle : "Whatcha whatching?"
Andie : "Um, nothing, we're watching an educational video for school, we're studying human anatomy."
Abby : "No, it's a porno we borrowed from Dawson's vid collection. Ms. Leery, you have to face the music. Your son is a pervert!"
Jen : "Abby!"
Abby : "What? I'm not gonna lie! Unlike some people, I do have morals!"

John : "A lot of things in this life sucks. It's my job to prepare you for that inevitability."



Pacey : "Don't you think filming the love scene in your own bedroom is a little perverse? Even for you?"

Devon : "So how do you date one guy while you're still in love with another?"

Joey : "She's too short to play me."

Joey : "Listen here you little third-rate wannabe, why don't you take your irritating self and go prey on someone who doesn't see through your pathetic attempt to masqurade bitchiness as research."



Pacey : "I thought I was helping you out..."
Jack : "Well, you weren't. I didn't need a hero."



Pacey : "I thought you said I could have the bed tonight?"
Dawson : "No, I don't think so."
Pacey : "Joey always gets the bed..."
Dawson : "Don't go there."

Jack : "Wait, wait! Even better! We could have a "going into the closet" party and then everybody could come dressed up as their favorite straight person."



Dawson (drunk) : "I wish that my best friend Pacey would just end this transformation into do-gooder, A-student and all around sanctimonious teen angel and go back to what he does best which is make me feel good about my life because his is supposed to be worse. Then there's Jen Lindley with her drunkenness and her revolving boyfriend and her wild, wicked ways. I want to party with you!
There's Jack McPhee. Jack McPhee who likes guys but doesn't mind stealing my girlfriend. Tonight ladies and gentlemen starring in his own version of In and Out. He's in, he's out, he's in, he's out, he's in, he's out. In! Out! In! Out! Nice hair by the way."



Abby : "You know..I dont think I'll ever be happy...no matter where I am, I'll always want to be some place else. No matter what I have, I'll always want something different."



Jack : "It is worse to be incapable of loving than to not be loved."



Joey: "To continue to love somebody when there's no promise of that love ever thiriving, that is Romance."

Dawson: "Some situations are too tragic to have a hero...this is one of them."

Jen: "Jack, I don't wanna die, but I just didn't care enough to run."


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