We would soon learn that kissing Kate Holmes was the franchise.
        - Producer Jeffrey Stepakoff, on what saved Dawson's Creek in season 3, "Billion Dollar Kiss"


Grams (to Jen and Jack) : And how long have you two been married?

Principal : Mr. Witter I'd like to applaud you for being the first student I've met at Capeside who actually acts like one. I hope that someday you all will act as one. Reclaim your youth. Live, learn, screw up. I applaud you, Mr. Witter. Oh, and I'll see you on Saturday. In detention...

Pacey : Now, just to play devil's advocate here, let's say you go to school today and Joey comes up and starts apologizing. She does that cute little hair flip thing she does and locks those truly remarkable brown eyes of hers on you...what do you do?

Bessie : About the girl, you mean?
Joey : One look at her, and I knew: she's everything I'm not. Wild, confident, blonde... I feel like the little kid. Always the one getting left behind.
Bessie : Listen, I remember the time when there was another blonde in the picture.

Pacey : Teenage boys will come, Dawson. They'll come for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up in your driveway, not knowing for sure why they're doing it, and arrive at your door, innocent as children.

Joey : What's wrong? What's so wrong with me?
Dawson : It's not you. It's us. I can't go through all that again. You say it will be different, but it won't be.
Joey : You don't know that.
Dawson : Yes, I do. And so do you. Joey, another year like last year and I can promise you, there will be no more love left between us.
Joey : So is there any left?
Dawson : Yes.
Joey : So you love me...you just don't want me?

Dawson : I crashed his boat and I wrecked his house. I can't just leave.
Eve : There's nothing you can do tonight. Be honest. What's going to change between now and tomorrow morning?
Dawson : Nothing...except maybe me.
Eve : Last chance, Dawson.
Dawson : I can't.
Eve : You know, I don't know who's the bigger mystery. Me....or you.


Dawson: With Eve? I haven't been able to find her.
Pacey: Did you check down at the strip joint?
Dawson: Embarrassingly, yes. Turns out she doesn't even work there anymore. She was a temp.
Pacey: Strip joints have temps?

Pacey: Well, that's too bad, Dawson because Eve was the ultimate transitional woman.
Dawson: How do you figure?
Pacey: Well, you are coming off of a emotionally traumatic, life-altering relationship and the last thing you need to do is get emotionally involved again, right? But since you are a young, virile, increasingly buff teenage male, you have certain wants and desires. Enter Eve. A gift from the gods of rebound high. A curvaceous vixen who is meant for you to be explored in only a sexual manner...

Eve: I thought you'd be more excited about my sudden appearance
Dawson: I am excited. It's just they're usually followed by an equally sudden disappearance. I mean, Who are you, Eve? First you're this stunning passenger on my bus, striking up conversation, then you're wearing a wig, serving cocktails at the strip club -- now you're a senior at my high school.
Eve: You've got it all wrong, Dawson. I'm none of those things. I'm just a girl...standing in a janitor's closet...asking you to kiss her.

Joey: Well, somebody's got to listen to me. I've had a tough life, lady and I have a lot to talk about. It all started when I fell in love with this boy down the creek, that was after my mother died of cancer but before my father went to jail for the second time. The boy's name was Dawson. He was your typical, overanalytical, adorable teenager who happened to be my best friend...

Dawson: What are you doing here?
Eve: At eleven I'm popping out of a cake for Mr. Sax in AP History.

Dawson: I guess the difference is the first time I sleep with somebody I don't want it to be for just any reason. I want it to be for every reason.

Andie: Jack's on the football team and Jen's a cheerleader? What, I get sane and everyone else goes crazy?

Pacey: Whether or not I can forgive you, Andie, is not going to be what keeps us apart. What you did... Our relationship was like this beautiful thing, and I don't think you ever realized how powerful it was. You changed my life, Andie, you were that person for me. You inspired me to be a man that I'd only ever dreamt about being. When you first started to get sick, it dawned on me that I might not be that person for you. I can never go back to loving you the way I did knowing that my love wasn't strong enough the first time around. I could always forgive you, Andie, but I will never forget.
Andie: But I still love you, Pacey.
Pacey: Goodbye, Andie.

Dawson: What are you doing here?
Joey: I'm not sure. Your house is like magnetic north. Certain nights, it just.. it draws me in. While you were gone this summer, there were days I would just get in my boat and come riding past your dock. For old times sake, I guess. Dawson: We can't go back, Joey.
Joey: I know. It's like that phrase, isn't it? Can't go home again. I realized that for a while. Earlier tonight...
Dawson: I'm sorry you had to see that.
Joey: Don't be. I think I was meant to. In some weird way it helped me. I mean, seeing you on that stage something inside of me clicked, and for the first time I felt how wrong it would be. I mean we... we really do need to... to move on and to meet new people and to have new relationships.
Dawson: It's weird as it happens, isn't it? You still love the person, you just stop needing them like you used to.
Joey: Yeah. It's weird and it's kinda sad. So we're friends, and then we are a couple, then friends again, then a couple. So, what are we now?
Dawson: We're Dawson and Joey.
Joey : Do you think every Dawson has a Joey, and every Joey has a Dawson?
Dawson : I hope so for their sake.


Dawson : You know what? Take Felicity for example. I mean, you've seen one hour of that overacted teen and you've seen them all. Don't get me wrong she's pretty but what kind of a heroine is she? She's indecisive, she basically paralyzed by some romantic notion of the way things should be. And if you ask me she's kind of chatty.
Eve : She's you.

Dawson : You know what else I hate about television? They always cut to commercial at the best part.

Eve : Don't be so selfish, Dawson. I mean, if it goes against your moral code, fine, but surely there must be somebody you know who could use it. The apple was a metaphor. This is the real thing.

Rob: Well uh, here's a thought. You let me take you out for a post-PSAT celebration. Saturday night, you and me.
Joey : Thanks but, husband doesn't really like me seeing other people.
Rob : Oh, sure, I thought you were going to say you had to wash your hair.
Joey: No, that's Wednesday's. Actually Rob, the truth is, I'm a lesbian.
Rob : Really? Anyone I know?

Dawson : You are who you are, Pacey.
Pacey: Yes I am, Dawson. And so are you. You, Dawson Leery, are a self-righteous son-of-a-bitch who cares more about his rose-coloured, defunct 1950's belief system than the people who fail to live up it, huh?
Dawson : Interesting choice of words, coming from a smug, cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch who just dumped his girlfriend after she begged and pleaded for an ounce of sympathy!
Pacey : At least I didn't send her father to prison.
Dawson : No, you just made her go crazy.

Pacey : Remind me why we just did that again?
Dawson : Because if we're going to beat the crap out of each other, it should at least be over a chick.


Pacey : We're two young happening men in the prime of our lives who can't find anything better to do than sit in some sweat box in the middle of an armpit staining Indian summer, and watch old movies. Correct me if I'm wrong Dawson, but didn't we used to have a couple of really cute girlfriends?

Eve : Sleepovers, late night pillow fights, brushing each other's hair and clinging to each other's arms. All that groovy stuff that girls do in pretty pink rooms behind close doors.
Dawson : Eve, there was a breaking, there was an entering and there was a flashlight. All that's missing is a ski mask.
Eve : Good God! Not even the suggestion of teen lesbianism can get you off my case.

Jen : Besides, I'm already sleeping with the best looking guy on the football team. And best friends are nothing to sneeze at. God, I remember when I first met Joey and Dawson. I was so envious of what they had, all that history.
Jack : Then that whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing kicked in.
Jen : That's whats so great about us sex can never come between us.

Dawson : She's kind of a lost soul. I mean she comes off like, sort of a wild child, but I think there's something really sweet and vulnerable underneath all the posturing.


Joey : So, basically, you're ripping off The Blair Witch Project.

Joey : Well, lucky for you, Jen. I mean, we live in a world where you can follow your natural urges without fear of persecution.
Jen : You're right. I would've been so burned at the stake by now.

Pacey : Now doesn't that just warm your heart? Kevin and Winnie taking those first tentative steps back to the Wonder Years?

Jen : You're not attracted to me in the slightest.
Pacey : Not in the least.
Jen : Ouch.
Pacey : No no no, I didn't mean it like that. You are certainly quite the little ubervixen and I am nothing if not fond of you, but you're just not my type.
Jen : Right back at ya, man.
Pacey : (defending himself) I'm brooding... and comely.
Jen : I'm sure that you score way high on some girl's cute-o-meter, Pace. Just not mine.
Pacey : Oh, better catch than Ty the bible beater or thatĖ that skirt chasing Neanderthal Chris Wolfe.
Jen : This from the guy whose last two relationships have ended with the girl either leaving town to avoid prosecution or cool out in crazy camp for the summer.
Pacey : Ouch.

Jen : I wonder if Pacey loves me yet.

Joey : Dawson, what exactly do you know about my life these days? I mean, think about it. Do you know how I lost my job? How I did on my PSAT's? How the Potter sisters are eking out their meagre living? And you know, I don't know a thing about your life, either.

Dawson : Jo. Joey, you yourself once told me that some love stories never end. What happened to that girl?
Joey : She offered herself to the boy she loved - the boy she thought loved her backÖ and he rejected her.
Dawson : Joey, listen to me. If we are truly meant to be, then we will find a way back to each other. It's as simple as that.

Pacey : My Lindley, you are looking all kinds of cute.


Dawson : Did you know she was coming?
Jen : No, mm mm big surprise. Guerilla style. It seems my mom is a graduate of the Ho Chi Minh School of Parenting.

Joey : It gets easier, you know.
Andie : What does?
Joey : Being in the same room as him.

Joey : Andie, as a veteran of multiple breakups with the same boy, I know what you are going through, and I just want to let you know that the dark nights will past, eventually you will find peace.

Pacey : For what itís worth, as a guy who has just gone through this himself, what just happened to you is a defining moment. When you come to see your parents as human beings, with their own problems, it is, oddly, kind of liberating. And when you realise, theyíre way more messed up than you are, itís not worth your time or energy to go on despising them for it.

Pacey : Yeah? No hard feelings for this afternoon?
Jen : Except the ones of utter embarrassment. No, Iím sorry about what happened.
Pacey : Sorry? Thereís no need for you to apologise to me. I know, this may be a little hard for you to believe, but actually, itís not everyday that a beautiful woman throws herself at me.

Jen : And thank you... for conduct above and beyond.
Pacey : Ah, it was nothing.
Jen : Pacey you are a sixteen year old boy, that must have taken superhuman restraint.
Pacey : Oh, Jen, you have no idea.


Jen : God, Pacey, this is weird.
Pacey : It really is. It's the damnedest thing. I mean, how are we supposed to have some lurid, purely sexual affair if every time we get together...
Jen : There's no sexual tension.

Jen : Grams always said that ladder was an invitation to sin.

Dawson : Yeah, I ... yesterday I came back to my house in the middle of the day and I found Pacey sprawled out on my bedroom floor.
Jen : Wow. Was he alone?
Dawson : Yeah, he was playing Crash Bandicoot.
Jen : Dawson, I hope that's not one of your clever euphemisms for...
Dawson : No, it's just a video game.

Pacey : It seems to me under the previous regimes in my life everytime I was studying I was given a reward.
Joey : I offered you Chex Mix.
Pacey : And I'm not talking about Chex Mix. I'm talking about Tamara and I'm talking about Andie. Lets just say those two ladies trained me to acquite studying with...
Joey : With what?
Pacey : With sex. To acquiant studying with sex, sex with studying, and now I get studying but no sex so it's a little hard to get motivated these days.
Joey : So what you're saying is that you're merely the innocent victim in some behavioral psychology experiment gone horribly awry?
Pacey : Yeah.
Joey : And that you're desperately in need of some able-bodied female to help you provoke those preconditioned Pavlovian homework responses?
Pacey : Yes.
Joey : That is the worst pick-up line I have ever heard, Pacey.

Dawson : There aren't any do-able new faculty members I don't know about?

Penny : I'm right, aren't I? You (Dawson & Jen) dated, it didn't work out, but then you got past all your issues and now you actually trust each other, right? See, you can see that in the dancing. You can see that the trust is there.

Penny : See the hostility, the way they're (Pacey & Joey) wary with each other, not to mention the constant bickering and name calling. Now these two clearly are in the early stages of some screwball mating ritual.

Jen : Pacey, I saw the way that you overreacted to Dawson. I saw the way that Joey overreacted to us. I know that you're having trouble in math these days, but it doesn't take Einstein to get the sum total of these two overreactions.

Joey : What impulse?
Dawson : The impulse to... to put your hand out and want someone there at the end of your reach. To want someone to be close to, to want to kiss or touch, even if it's wrong.

Pacey : Look at that girl Dawson. You just take a good look. She's a freaking goddess man! How long did you think it was going to be before some guy comes along and is interested in her, I mean really dude? And when that happens what are you gonna do?
Dawson : I'm just going to take it all as it comes.
Pacey : You want to take it as it comes, hombre, well perhaps you should start figuring out right now because the guy that comes along is not going to be your best friend, and he's not going to ask for your permission. The guy that comes along is going to take one look at that woman and just cut right in on you.


AJ: I'm AJ Moller. And that makes you Potter comma Joseph? I guess our gender amiguous names have fostered a precarious situation.

Joey: Sooo, Miss AJ Moller, what is your favourite book? Some ponderous tone by Heroditis?
AJ: Are you ready for this Ė 'The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe'.
Joey: Well that sounds rather infantile.
AJ: Entirely. But, like all the best things in life, simple, sweet and magical.


Nikki : Filmmaking is not fast food, Dawson. You can't rush it.

Nikki : There's so much to be passionate about, it seems kind of silly to focus on just one.
Dawson : Yeah, but if you're lucky enough to find that one thing, why not immerse yourself in it?
Nikki : Don't get me wrong, Dawson, I love film. But I love it because it allows me to explore all of the other subjects that interest me. If all you care about is film, then you're just going to end up making movies about other movies. What good is that?

Dawson : Most of the time I'm fine with them not being together. You know, I mean, maybe I'm just self-obsessed, but I just don't think about it that much, you know? And then, other times it just kinda sneaks up on you, you know? I mean, it's like... a disappointment of being the product of something that didn't work out.

Joey : I never thought that I'd say this about you Dawson, but, you're such a sell out.
Dawson : What?
Joey : I mean, first Eve practically tugs you around town by a dog collar, and now this new film girl breezes into town and you're tossing your identity out the window.

Dawson : Look, you want to site this for a friendship, try this on for size, Joey? Every time I express one iota of interest, or even respect, for anyone else of the opposite sex, you attack me like I'm some sort of criminal.
Joey : And you don't attack me?
Dawson : No, I don't. As you've noticed, I have not once asked about Mr. Ivy League.
Joey : Yeah, that's noted. His name is A.J, okay? And maybe you're not asking about him is worse than my attacking you, okay?

Jack: 'Rude' is such a strong word. I prefer something more like... momentarily self-involved?

Jen : Well, remember when you sent me off into the night and told me to make new friends?
Jack : Yes. I thought we already established that was not my finest hour.

Joey : Do I still have ladder privileges?
Dawson : I suppose so.


Nikki : You dropped film class, are you insane? ...We're partners, Dawson, and in 3 days we're suppose to stand in front of our entire class and pitch a feature film.
Dawson : I'm sure Mr. Jordon would be more than happy to give you an extension and get you a new partner.
Nikki : I don't want another partner. I want you.

Dawson : I'm 10 years old, my parents are taking me to see Jurassic Park. I'm sitting there, 4th row center, popcorn in lap, flanked by mom and dad... these two teenagers walk in, a guy and a girl, probably about our age. They sit in front of us and they proceed to make-out throughout the entire movie. I remember sitting there, just being shocked that anyone would rather kiss than watch this miraculous fantasy unfold on screen. At one point I actually tapped the guy on the shoulder and asked him if he wouldn't mind keeping it down. He looked at me like, one day kid, you'll get it. And here I am. All these years later, and I'm still not the kid who goes to the movies just to make out. And I'm not the kid who sat between his parents. I'm this 3rd person who's so busy analyzing everything, that I can't enjoy everything. I mean, the other two guys, at least they were having fun. I'm just not anymore. And that's why I dropped film.
Nikki : So, uhh, where you gonna look for this joy you once had but have now lost?
Dawson : I have absolutely no idea. Any suggestions?
Nikki : Where were you when you had it last?

Pacey : The Northern Lights. Yeah, I've heard of them. I mean, I may not be Ivy League material, but if you give me a road map and a remote control, I can probably find my way to the Discovery Channel and back.


Pacey: Ah, what is this Ė is this doubt that Iím hearing young Skywalker?
Dawson: Well, Iím not exactly cut out for a career in hedonism.
Pacey: Dawson, pick up the phone already Ė this is your call to action, OK? Your heroís journey begins now, my friend.
Dawson: Pacey Witter Ė poor manís Yoda.
Pacey: You know, Iíve always seen myself more as a Hans Solo type. Rogue-ish good looks, devil-may-care attitudeÖ

Dawson: Joey. I appreciate your concern, but Iím really quite capable of taking care of myself.
Joey: Some day youíll thank me, Dawson. And if Pacey insists on being the devil on your shoulder, then the least I can do is be the angel on the other.

Kate: Is there something hideously wrong with me?
Dawson: Not that I can tell.
Kate: Dave, the guy I just broke up with? The guy who turned out to be oh-so-very-much a homosexualÖ he used to tell me I was an acquired taste. Is that just a nice way of saying Iím just a filthy eyesore? Iím not a filthy eye-sore am I?
Dawson: No, youíre beautiful Ė in the way that beautiful used to actually mean something.
Kate: What was your name again?

Joey: Why is he so irritating?
Andie: Well if you think about it -- I mean, he is just this big, dopey dog.
Joey: Youíre right. Itís like he runs through the house destroying everything in itís path, and then he looks up at you like, "What do you expect, Iím just a dog?"
Andie: (laughs) You know who you sound like?
Joey: Who?
Andie: Me. Right before I started dating him.

Kate: I know what youíre doing.
Dawson: Really? And, uh, whatís that?
Kate: Youíre the resident caretaker.
Dawson: The what?
Kate: The gangís 'nice guy'. Pretty friendly. The one who volunteers to take highly emotional and progressively wasted types off of everybodyís hand, so the other boys can go and have fun.
Kate: Donít worry about little olí me, Dawson. I will present you with no burden whatsoever.
Dawson: Wait a minute. Why would you assume that?
Kate: Assume what?
Dawson: That Iím a nice guy. Maybe I could beÖ trying to advantage of your situation.
(Kate begins to laugh)
Dawson: And you find that humorous?
Kate: I may be drunk, and I may hardly know youÖ but thatís not you.
Dawson: It isnít?
Kate: I mean, first of all, who in a million years that was trying to take advantage of my situation use the expression ďIím trying to take advantage of your situation.Ē?

Dawson: Would it really be too much to ask the universe that once, just once Ė just one single solitary time, you conspire with my desire to have a good time?
Kate: Quit whining. There are people dying in the Balkins.
Dawson: You be quiet, OK? This is between me and the fates.
Kate: Call me loco, but maybe if you just acted instead of hymning and hawing, and debating and conversing, then maybe youíd actually see some results.
Dawson: What is that supposed to mean?
Kate: Simply put Ė if you donít want to be a nice guy, Dawson Ė when you take a girl into the woods, donít talk to her about kissing herÖ kiss her. Especially after you told her that she was beautiful in the way the beautiful used to actually mean something.
Dawson: Itís that simple?
Kate: Itís that simple.

Andie : You are not going to tell her in an enclosed space!

Kate: Ooh, I know what this is Ė youíre not over me, are you Jack?
Jack: No, no, no, thatĖ thatís not it. Not to suggest that youíre easily get-overable or anything, butÖ the thing isó
Kate: Oh, my God. Youíre gay, arenít you?

Jack: Thanks. But that doesnít have any bearing on our current situation. Iím still gay.
Kate: (to Dawson) Are you gay too?
Dawson: (surprised) Me? No.
Kate: Are you sure? Because apparently only gay guys will kiss me.
Joey: (shocked) You kissed her?

Joey: Dawson, what were you thinking?
Dawson: I wasnít. (laughs) For a fleeting moment I wasnít actually thinking, and it felt good.
Joey: To take advantage of girl who was drunk, vulnerable, and clearly on the rebound? I mean, is it just me Dawson, or is this jaw-droppingly out of character?
Dawson: What character, Joey? The little sketch in your head that you have labelled ĎDawsoní? Look, this might not be the me that youíre used to, and I might make a complete fool out of myself, but you have to start letting make mistakes.
Pacey: (in an announcerís voice) Here we go again, kiddies. For the 476th time this hour, our number one Billboard chart topper Ė The Ballad of Dawson and Joey. Will those two crazy kids ever get back together again? Boy, I sure hope so.

Dawson : DadÖ what Iím trying to do is get back to the basics of being a kid. I mean, IĖ Iím sixteen, and it was a party, and those two things are inextricably linked.
Mitch : I have no problem with you going to parties. I have zero problem with you being sixteen. I do, I admit, have a problem with, oh, wrecked boats, strippers on the kitchen table, and fishing you out of the drunk tank on a Friday night.


Pacey : You don't think there's a possibility that there's somebody out there who hates Joey just for being Joey, who hates the way she talks, the way she dresses, the way she chews on her lower lip.
Joey : I don't chew on my lower lip.
Pacey : Okay. Look, I'm just putting it out there.

Pacey : Come on, Dougie, please, you can't make me go back to that house. I mean think about it, you've got this whole bachelor's pad all to yourself with the nice lighting and the fancy window dressings and all the other trappings of the extremely modern homosexual.


Pacey: What say you hop up and give Joey here your sleeping bag, huh?
Dawson: And hop in the sack with you?
Pacey: Essentially, yeah.
Dawson: Good night, Pacey.

Will : I'm not sleeping with you, Pacey. And, Joey, I don't think we know each other well enough. No offense.

Dawson : I got tired of having this larger-than-life-dream to compensate for my smaller-than-life life.

Dawson: Well, to make a long soap opera short, um, we got together-
Joey: which was so completely overwhelming that it forced me to retreat into this long, protracted period of soul searching.
Dawson: Which sent me into a dizzying downward spiral of depression. And then I finally managed to get her back, but-
Joey: It was exceptionally bad timing. And then he got back from summer vacation.
Dawson: The possibility of having my heart ripped out of my chest once again didn't sound as appealing as it once had, so I decided maybe it would be best just to be friends.
Joey: And then he asked Pacey to look out for me.

Andie: Ok, you're hustling me right now, aren't you?
Will: Maybe.

Joey: Actually, you are different, Dawson. Once upon a time, you had to be the center of attention. Life revolved around you and your dreams. And recently, I've watched you fade into the background and let others shine. You're different. What?
Dawson: This trip this week has... Reminded me of what we're good at.
Joey: What's that?
Dawson: We make sense of each other's lives. We always have.

Dawson : I'm starting to forget why.
Joey : Why what?
Dawson : Why we're not together.

Andie: You're a mass of contradictions, Will Krudski... The well-read pool shark? The blue-collar academic?

Joey : Pacey are you okay?
Pacey : Not so much no.
Joey : Well what's wrong.
Pacey : It's the history. It's killing me. I mean how can I go compete with that. You guys have your own karaoke routine.
Joey : Pacey you're not supposed to compete. We're supposed to have our own hist... I didn't mean that.

Pacey: You know, for a bright girl, you can be really daft sometimes. Why do you think i came here? I came here to be with you! It's as simple as that. I mean, when you like somebody, proximity is a good thing, regardless of how they feel about you. Or don't, as the case may be.

Joey: This morning. Your arm brushed up against me in bed, and... And I felt it.
Pacey: How did it feel?
Joey: Made me feel alive.
Pacey: Ok. Joey... I'm going to kiss you now.
Joey: You can't.
Pacey: Jo, you can't say something like that to me and expect me not to kiss you, so that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna kiss you in about 10 seconds. And if you don't want me to kiss you... Well, if you don't want me to, I guess then you're just gonna have to stop me.

Gwen: Something tells me that when you kiss a boy, it's not a mistake

Pacey : I can't keep kissing you... I can't be the one who's always initiating this, I can't be the one who's always giving you the answers... Look at me, Joey.


Joey (voice over): You ever have one of those days you wish you could live over again?

Doug : Pacey, at the end of the day Joey and Dawson are gonna stay friends or whatever it is that they are. And you're gonna end up alone. Alright? No girlfriend, no friend, just utterly and completely alone.

Joey: Dawson, uhh, we were just...
Dawson: Having an argument. Obviously. What about?
Pacey: Us, Dawson. We were arguing about us. Me and Joey. There's an us here now.
Dawson: You didn't tell me.
Joey: You know, don't you?

Jen: No, you are not fine. Dawson, what can I say, what can I do?

Dawson: You were my best friend.
Pacey: I still am.
Dawson: So I guess it's safe to assume that friendship doesn't come above sex to you as a personal priority.

Dawson: You know what, Pacey, I feel sorry for you. Because when all this is over you're really gonna need your friends and you're not gonna have any. You are not gonna have a single one.

Andie: How could you be so stupid, Pacey? You know you're gonna get hurt. She is never gonna love you like she loves him, okay? He is her first love, Pacey. Her first love.

Dawson: Than explain it to me, Jo. Explain to me how two people who can't even stand to be in the same room with each other ended up at my window arguing about the future of their relationship.

Dawson: Friendship... right now we don't have a friendship. We don't have a friendship!! As of this moment we do not have a friendship.
Joey: What? That is not fair!
Dawson: You can't have both of us! You can't have him as your boyfriend and me as your consolation prize. You're gonna have to make a choice.

Jen: You shouldn't be alone right now.
Dawson: Why? I am alone. I might as well get used to it.

Pacey: It's over, isn't it?
Joey: It has to be.
Pacey: You should be the one to go first this time.


Pacey (to Will) : And one last thing... donít sleep with any of your teachers. Believe me, it never works out as well as you think.


Dawson : The first time my parents got married they were very young. They were just out of college, and um, I remember looking at the photo album as a kid and wondering why I wasn't in any of the pictures.

Dawson : So, to my parents. Who taught me that love does not conquer all, that love ends and begins again. Cheers.

Dawson : I see all members of the triangle are present and accounted for.


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