Joey's Story : And then, just like that they were kissing. She didnít know how they got there. She had no idea. The thought of kissing this boy hadnít crossed her mind in years, which was weird, because once upon a time, that was all she ever thought about. And then, just like that, it was over.

Audrey : Couldn't you just maybe go to the library for a little while?
Joey : Do you have any idea how much time Iíve spent sexiled in the library already this semester? It's barely October.
Audrey : Please? Pretty please and just so you know, I'm totally planning on making myself scarce once your beau gets here.
Joey : First of all, he's not my beau. And second of all, he's not coming.
Audrey : Dunston's not coming --
Joey : Dawson!

Dawson : What I said was 'screw you'. You should be ashamed of yourself, man, and not because you treat people badly, cause a lot of people do that. You should be ashamed of yourself because you have an amazing priveledge and you donít even take it seriously. You get to make movies. You get to do this for a living and you donít even appreciate it. This movie is probably gonna suck. I know that, you know that, and the entire crew knows that. And your next movie is probably gonna suck too. Somebody gave you the keys to the kingdom and youíre blowing it. I feel sorry for you. If I ever get here, Iím gonna do things a lot differently.
Todd : Youíve got balls, kid. Now get off my set. Youíre fired.

Joey : Hey Dawson, itís me... Iím at this party with Jack and Jen and my crazy roommate. Guess what? Iím having a pretty great time, but as great as it is, itís not completely great and thatís because of you. Youíre not here and I know that I said that itís okay that you didnít come this weekend but you know what? Itís not okay because I miss you. And there was this guy tonight and he was hitting on me or at least I think he was hitting on me. And he was perfectly nice and I blew him off and Iím not even sure why. But Iím pretty sure it was because of you. AndÖ Iíve spent these past couple months acting like you were just going to show up outside my door one day, but youíre not. You are out there following your dreams which is what I want for you, Dawson. Dawson, I think itís time that I let you go. And itís really hard for me to do because I know that thereís a part of me that will be in love with you for the rest of my life. But this whole running and place and day dreaming is just not healthy for either of us. So this is me cutting the cord, this is me doing what I should have done three months ago. So goodbye, Dawson. Call me back. Bye.

Charlie : Look, I gotta go pack up my gear. It was wonderful sharing this moment with you. Bye. Look, just so you know, all I was going to say was 'Hi, my name is Charlie, whatís yours?' Thatís all. And then I was kinda hoping maybe we would talk a little. Iíd find out that youíre the kind of girl that doesnít usually come to parties like these. And that would explain why the cutest girl, in the whole place, is alone by herself in the corner. Because youíre right, all right, most of the guys here are creeps and the girls are even worse. And God, I hope they donít procreate. But they will. And weíre just going to have to do our best. Fight the good fight. Make sure their kind doesnít take over the world. Thatís all.
Jen : Charlie? Jen. My name is Jen.


Joey : Drunk people should have the right to neutralize their own messages.

Jack : He will get your number...Why do you think we have had all these advances in information technology? They are all about helping people track down other people other people they are sexually attracted to.

Jack : Oh, you are trying to find him.  You spent all weekend circling every Charles in the campus directory.

Melanie (to Pacey) : When your ship comes in, you can take me out for gumbo or something.  But until then, get with the times. This is what debutants do for their cute slacker boyfriends.

Prof Wilder : No matter how many times this happens, and I lied, it happens a lot, still feels like getting dumped by your first girlfriend. Have a nice life, Miss Potter.

Prof Wilder : Look, the truth is, when I encounter the rare High School graduate who knows the difference between, its possessive no apostrophe, and itís contraction with the apostrophe. My blood tends to race a bit, so yes I sent you on a wild goose chase.  But you will forgive me for not wanting to part so easily with a student that I found promising.
Joey : Thatís no excuse for what you did to me.  You canít compliment your way out of this.

Audrey : God, I love this place. I mean, look at this. This is what college is supposed to look like.  LA couldnít look like this in a million years.

Prof Wilder : Not bad Ms. Potter.  I think we might have just discovered major failing in life and art.
Joey : Whatís that?
Prof Wilder : Over thinking things.  Because when it comes right down to it, you obviously know how to separate what matters and what doesnít.

Karen : Here's not so bad, really... because when it comes down to it, what matters isn't really where you are, it's who you're there with.

Dawson : Joey, as long as I live I will never understand you.


Audrey : I'm really glad I decided to tag along.
Joey : You mean invite yourself.
Audrey : Will you stop? Nobody believes that you don't adore me.

Audrey : I have this theory about you. You want to hear it?
Joey : No.
Audrey : You love academia because of the rules and you hate relationships because of the lack of them.

Audrey : Of course he wants to see you.
Joey : What makes you say that?
Audrey : Because you're beautiful, and you don't know it. Because you're smart, and you don't believe it. You're the kind of girl that guys never get over. Joey, you're the kind of girl that other girls get compared to.

Mitch : When I was your age I used to spend hours and hours just sittin' around and thinking about my life.
Dawson : Why'd you stop?
Mitch : Well, I guess I got too busy living it to sit around reflecting on it.
Dawson : I hope I never get to that place.

Joey: There is no right or wrong, just the consequences of your actions.
Dawson: What the hell does that mean?
Joey: Well, I'm not sure exactly. My sociology professor said it last week and I thought it sounded pretty profound at the time.


Jack : The thing is, no matter what you say or what you do, Dawson is alone in this, ok? There isn't a word or a sentence in the English language that can take away the kind of pain that he's dealing with.
Jen: Well, so then, what do I do?
Jack: You've just gotta figure out your own way of being there for him.

Jen (to Dawson) : So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give you a hug, and I'm not gonna let go for a really long time. I'm gonna tell you that I love you, which is actually a pretty good deal, 'cause that means that I'll do anything on the off chance it'll make you a little less sad.

Grams : There comes a day that isn't as bad as the one before it.

Pacey : You wanna know what the worst part about death is? It has this horrible tendency of putting everyone in a really bad mood. When I go, I want to go in a way in which it makes everybody laugh. You know, like, no matter how sudden or tragic the circumstances, you just can't help but laugh... like getting run over by a car full of clowns. That's kinda funny, right? You smiled. Mission accomplished.

Mitch: A lot of fathers want their sons to play baseball. Not me. Team sports teach conformity. I hope he's a freak.
Gale: A freak?
Mitch: Yeah. Freaks never peak in high school. They never grow up to sell real estate, drink heavily on the weekends, and beat their kids.
Gale: Well, then, let's hope for a freak.

Pacey : You got your father for 18 years... and that is a hell of a lot more than some people get. And your father did one hell of a job, Dawson. He made you into a man. And he made you into a man that people care about and admire and respect and most importantly, love.


Joey :  It was Halloween night. Audrey was walking with me to the library, which was, in itself, a sign of the apocalypse.

Audrey : Why do you always assume that my concern is masking self-interest?

Joey : Yeah. I'm so happy to see you. That creepy man is down here.
Guy : Yeah, I know. He followed you, and I followed him.

Jack : I get enough of that from my common-law wife.

Pacey: I don't worship the guy.
Karen: It's perfectly understandable.
Pacey: What?
Karen: Your little-boy crush on Danny.

Pacey (to Karen) : Lady, are you nuts? Ohh, I have got to start meeting less angry women.

Jack (to Pacey) : Unless, of course, you're too scared to go to that creepy little floating house of yours.

Joey: You are gonna walk in front of me, right?
Pacey: Well, now, are you sure that you want me to do that? 'Cause if I walk in front of you, how are you gonna see the man that's gonna jump out of the bushes and stab you in the throat?


Danny : Good luck, my friend. Iíve seen better men try and fail (with Karen).
Pacey : Ah yes, but did they have a 50 foot yacht to lure her with?

Jen : Is she flirting with you?
Pacey : Well, if we were to go back to the third grade definition of flirtingÖ
Jen : Hair pulling, name calling, general nastiness?
Pacey : Yes. If that were the definition, than we definitely got it going on.

Pacey : Then thereís Danny. Iím telling you, you could not create a more perfect boss. I think I finally found my mentor.
Jen : That is fantastic, Pace. Whatís he like?
Pacey : Heís just like me, only older.
Jen : Wait, your mentor, the guy who could supposedly guide you through your life, is just an older version of you?
Pacey : Yep.
Jen : So what youíre saying is, when you grow up, you just want to be yourself?
Pacey : Yeah. Iím very well adjusted.

Tobey : I want to be a priority.
Jack : You are.
Tobey : No, not one of your priorities. It is not enough that I make the top 3. You come first to me. No matter what I'm doing, or how far away I am, you are my first priority. I wonder what you're up to. I think about ways that I can make you laugh with a stupid e-mail or a care package. I think about you. God, when I'm with you, when I am not with you, no matter what is going on in my life, you are my first priority. But clearly, I am not to you. Not anymore. And that's the truth, isn't it?

Tobey : The truth is, somebody always gets hurt worse... every breakup. This time it's me.

Joey : "Dear Dawson, when something like this happens, you wanna reach out and grab the people around you, the ones who matter the most. The ones you take for granted all the time. And you want to take those people and hold onto them as tight as you can, tell them how precious they are to you, how knowing them makes your life better every single day that you're living it. Because when something like this happens, you realize how awful it would be if they didn't know, if they weren't aware of the profound effect they've had on your life. So, I want to take this moment to tell you that I love you, Dawson, and I'm here for you... now, forever, and every day in between. Love, Joey."


Dawson : You look pretty smokin' for a girl who's going nowhere.
Jen : Well, thank you. I'll take the compliment and subtly defer the question to a later date.

Joey : Audrey may be dramatic, but at least she's never boring... And as far as discipline goes, she obviously has a great deal because no matter what you seem to say to her, she somehow manages to grin and bear it.

Joey : Hey, what are you guys doing?
Pacey : Oh, your roommate's hittin' on me.
Audrey : Am not!

Dawson : Please tell me that... how my head feels is no reflection on how I acted.
Pacey : I think Joeyís gonna forgive you a lot sooner than you forgive yourself.

Dawson : Joey, when I made the decision not to go back to L.A... all I could do was daydream about this one thing. Kissing you. I was so looking forward to this day when it would finally feel right for you and me to give it another try, you know? For the first time in forever, it seemed so possible. It seemed like it was just around the corner... I have no idea how to get back there. And what scares me most is that maybe I never will.


Audrey : How come your film geek looks like tom cruise and the one who worships me looks like the kid who doesn't want to go to the dance in sixteen candles?

Joey : I mean, the guy knows I'm an idiot. Why would he even bother picking me for something like this?
Audrey : Please. Because you're hot, and he's a teacher

Joey : I mean, if they were love letters, wouldn't she be less honest? ...Who is that honest with someone they're sexually attracted to? People can be friends, right, best friends, but the second sexual attraction comes into it, it's like all bets are off as far as honesty is concerned.
Wilder : So, you don't think people can be both friends and lovers?
Joey : I do. I hope I do, but... not at 18.

Jen: I know, but you just seem-- you're so afraid to get mad at him.
Dawson: I'm not. What good-- it's not gonna change anything.
Jen: But it might change you. And call me crazy, but it think that is the point of therapy.

Audrey : Even if I don't particularly like who I am, I--at least I know who that is. I mean, if I tried to change... who the hell knows who I'd be?

Karen : You ever wish you were someone else?
Pacey : Yeah. Harrison Ford, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Karen : No. I don't mean someone specific. I just mean someone else, someone... completely different from who you are. That's what I want right now.
Pacey : Well, hi, I'm Scott. And you are?
Karen : I'm... I'm Marie. Nice to meet you, Scott.

Joey : These letters are all about herself. You know, her fears and insecurities-- the real her. And I think the only person that she was brave enough to share that with was herself. Am I a total idiot?
Wilder : No, Joey Potter. I think that hush you're hearing is the silence of 5 people simultaneously asking themselves, 'why didn't I think of that?'.

Wilder : The discomfort of uncertainty is the most precious part of the experience. See, if you can feel comfortable... not knowing, you can learn anything, anything.

Joey : Who the hell is Derrida anyway?
Wilder : Well, uh, let's just say if literature were the Star Wars universe, he would be like the Darth Maul.


Dawson : Yeah. I'm Dawson Leery, checking in for the film festival.
Woman : Oh, my god! You're totally wicked cute. Way cuter than the picture.
Dawson : There's a picture?
Woman : Mm-hmm. Oh. Is this your girlfriend?
Jen : Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jen (to Dawson) : What better way to spend an evening than as girlfriend to the biggest celebrity in town?

Pacey (to Karen) : You may also have noticed that tonight I have kept us in very crowded places because I wouldn't want you to be tempted to jump me on our non-date evening.

Dawson : I don't know what to say. My dad loved movies. He loved them, in the truest sense in that he had no interest in making them. He just... he loved watching them. He started taking me to movies at a very early age. I loved it. He would take me to movies and then talk to me about them. And thank god he did. Because there's no way I would be here right now if he hadn't done that. Thank you so much for this award and for receiving this film so warmly. I dedicate this film to my dad, and I will remember him every time I look at this. So, thank you... And a very special thank you to my girlfriend Jen Lindsey.

Oliver (to Dawson and Jen) : You guys make a great couple.
Jen : Did you hear that, baby? You're lucky to have me.

Jen : It's the least I can do for the guy who restores my faith in the opposite sex.
Dawson : Wow. How do I do that?
Jen : When it didn't work out between us all those years ago, you still have managed to give me a place in your heart.
Dawson : Why didn't it work out between us?
Jen : You were in love with Joey.
Dawson : No. That's too easy. I seem to recall you having broken up with me.
Jen: Yeah, but, I-- oh, god. I quickly saw the errors of my ways and proceeded to, um... hurl myself at you in a very embarrassing fashion.
Dawson : That's right. You did. Oh, god. And I'm ashamed to admit it, but I really enjoyed that. I did. I loved it, especially you being the first girl that had torn my heart out and all.
Jen : I did?
Dawson : God, yeah. Temple of doom style. But... anyway... I think I'm fully aware of the reason it didn't work out between us.
Jen : Why?
Dawson : You were never physically attracted to me.
Jen : Is that what you think?
Dawson : Yeah. I think you thought that I was safe.
Jen : Yeah. (kisses him lovingly)


Jen : I'm sorry. That's probably our... My fault for the coagulation. I just didn't know that everybody was gonna be here and--
Dawson : Or that Pacey was cooking. Right. Who could have guessed?
Jack : Already finishing each other's sentences.

Jack : Mmm, it's not so much him as it is her. I mean, sick as it sounds, I know the look.
Pacey : Oh, man. You know, we almost did, too.
Jack : Mmm, I know. I know. Come to think of it, we almost did once, too.
Pacey : Hmm. What do you think it takes?
Jack : A virgin and a straight guy.
Pacey : Damn.

Joey : I'm fine, ok? Um... you know, seeing you kiss someone else is always going to be a little weird. I won't lie, but... it makes perfect sense, you and Jen getting back together.
Dawson : Yeah, I--I... I hadn't thought of it that way, the, uh, the "back together" part. I mean, we're such different people now.
Joey : I guess we all are, I hope.

Joey : Audrey, everyone's treating me like a delicate little flower in there. No thanks to these emergency rushes to the kitchen on the half hour.
Audrey : Well, what is wrong with you? Why aren't you a delicate little flower? Have you no soul? Just a black, black void?

Joey : Our lives used to happen together, Dawson.

Dawson : All I know is when I was with Jen, I felt like me. You know, not the censored version of myself, not the sad version of myself, just me. For the first time in a long time. And it--it... it felt good.

Dawson : Joey, it hurts to be around you. When I see you, even from across the room, it brings up a thousand memories. Not just of us, but of my entire life before. It's like I'm frozen in this place that I can't bear to be. I care about you so much. As long as I can remember, everything's always come back to you. I mean, even no matter what was happening between us. Even the thought of you is at least a constant comfort, but... I can't go back. It just hurts.


Dawson :  I just want to savor the significance of this moment. This is the first time Iíve ever brought a girl home.
Jen : Well, I'd hate to ruin the moment for you, but I think that Iím actually going through a rite of passage here, too. This is the first time that Iíve been brought home.

Joey : Of course he ended up with her. I mean, Jen's spontaneous and wild. In the end, guys always end up with the wild girl. I could see it on his face the first time he saw her get out of that taxi.

Jen: I foresee strangeness on the horizon.
Dawson: It can't be as bad as the dinner from hell. Right?
Jen: But she's gonna know why we were so late.
Dawson: How could she possibly know?

Gale: You're, uh, t-shirt, it's on inside-out.

Audrey : Tell me something. Does this sort of thing usually work with the ladies?
Pacey : What sort of thing?
Audrey : The "if I'm this passionate about the sensual art of cooking, imagine how good I am in bed" thing?

Danny : Hey, Witter. Is this your girlfriend?
Pacey : No, no. Nooo, this is Audrey. She's here to interview for the waitress position.
Danny: Welcome aboard Audrey. Any woman that can put Witter in his place like that is the kind of woman that I want working for me. Can you start tomorrow?

Wilder: I bet you're looking for this (exam results).
Joey: Oh.
Wilder: Oh? Oh what? Oh, my? Oh, crap? Oh, give me that right this second before I jump out of my skin? You're about to find out the results of months' worth of sweat and labor, and "oh" is all you can say for yourself?
Joey: You're having way too much fun here.

Audrey: God, I love college life. Why would I ever want to leave all this?
Joey: Because at some point, you have to pay off all the loans you're using to finance all of this.
Audrey : Ok. No, there will be no pragmatism tonight. I'll have none of it. Only irrational, reckless flights of fancy.

Pacey : There is a part of you that knows how to let loose. You just have to... Let her loose every once in a while.
Joey : What part?
Pacey : The other Joey. The carefree girl who knows how to drink and play strip poker and go away on a sailboat for a summer. The girl who can get up in front of a crowd of complete strangers and sing at a beauty pageant.

Joey (to Charlie, after kissing him): Don't ever call me uptight!

Joey : Ok. Maybe... Just maybe there is another part of me, another girl that lives deep inside of me, and maybe every once in a while she lets loose and does things that might blow some people's minds. But, Charlie... If you ever mention her or anything she might have done tonight to another person... I'll completely deny knowing anything about her.


Wilder : I have a sneaking suspicion that boy in the back there is waiting to talk to you. Elliot! Elliot Sawyer. His name's Elliot. Had him for freshman comp. Elliot, are you waiting to talk to me?
Elliot: Um... no.
Wilder: And is your shoe actually untied?
Elliot: No, not so much.
Wilder: I'm rarely wrong about these things. Elliot, were you attempting to flirt with this girl over here?

Joey : You wrote this when you were 20?
Wilder : Yeah, pretty disastrous haircut, huh? But you know what they say? It never hurts to remain on a first-name basis with the person you used to be, otherwise he, or she, may come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

Dawson : I'm not your other boyfriends. I'm not gonna fight with you, I'm not gonna lie to you, and I'm not gonna cheat on you. I'm gonna go to the movies. Right? If you want to come with me, it'd be great. If not, I'll see you when I get home... 'cause I will come home. And I'm gonna keep coming home no matter how hard you try and push me away. Now, you can either take my word for it or you can keep on testing me, but either way, Jen, the results are going to be the same.

Jen : You know how weird it is to live with somebody, to be with somebody, who, no matter what you do can always really see you? It's a little scary.
Dawson: It's a lot scary. Does it help if I remind you how much I like what I see?


Joey : Audrey? When my eyes bug out like this, what does that mean in your world?

Elliot : Don't go changing the subject doin' your little hair flippy thing, tryin' to distract me. I'm wise to your ways, Potter.

Joey : You are so odd.
Elliot : Am I too odd?

Jen (to Dawson) : Hello, my little pumpkin.

Joey : He met someone else, or re-met her, as the case may be. Anyway, it's over. We're over. ...What can you do?
Wilder: Start dating, I guess.
Joey: It's just hard. I mean, it takes all this energy and effort, and you have no way of knowing that it's going to be worth it at the end of the day. ...So what's the point?
Wilder: There's no point. You should probably quit. Join a convent. You'd look good in a habit.

Jack: What do you want from me, huh?
Pacey: Nothing. I'm just curious. I'm just curious, 'cause from my perspective, you're flunking out of school, and you're drinking like you got a deathwish, all so you can hang out with a bunch of guys who pretty much attacked you last night.
Jack: They didn't attack me last night.
Pacey: They didn't attack you? No. Jack, it was 10 on one in there. And they left you here, bleeding, just in case you forgot. So I'm just curious. Is it worth it? Are they worth it?


Audrey : Amateurs. I'm surrounded by amateurs. Dawson, will you just run with me here for a second. If I were a girl trying to seduce a boy, and trust me, ok, I've been that girl many times, I would never let him know how much I want him. Never. Ever. I mean, that's the exact moment when they lose interest. Sorry, it's just - it's feeble writing.
Oliver : Hey, hey. I'm right here.

Joey: There should be a word for people who use sarcasm as a defense mechanism.
Wilder: There is. Sarcastic.

Rina (to Pacey) : Have a nice life, Stacey!

Joey : So Iím standing there, completely ready to say everything I never said, and then he pulls this Jedi Mind Trick, and suddenly, I can't even remember who I am... And I refuse to become another one of his groupies. You know, completely infatuated with the guy and reduced to a babbling idiot at the mere mention of his name.
Audrey : You are completely infatuated with him, and you have been reduced to a babbling idiot at the mere mention of his name.

Audrey : Are you asking for my advice, or are you just having a soliloquy here? Ask yourself something, when was the last time you felt as completely and totally alive as you do right now?

Audrey (to Pacey) : I'm sorry. I can't work like this, ok? It's completely unprofessional. And it's just - it's too intense with you standing right there next to me. You're a terrible boom operator.

Jen (on Charlie): Help. It's trying to think.

Pacey: Ok, well, uh, here's the thing. I kissed her.
Dawson: You idiot.

Joey : Did something happen between you and Audrey?
Pacey: No. No. Of course not. Because if something happened between me and Audrey, it would be a horrible, terrible, awful thing, right?
Joey: Pacey, you're an idiot.

Pacey: Ok. If one more person calls me an idiot, I'm really gonna start feeling bad about myself.
Joey: Don't you think I'd prefer you hooking up with someone amazing like Audrey rather than some random ditz who's name you can't even remember in the morning?
Pacey: I can remember her name.

Pacey : How do you do that thing?
Audrey: What thing?
Pacey: You smile and the whole world lights up.


Mugger : That's understandable, but you know, you should be careful, sweetheart. I mean, it's late. Next guy you come across, he might not be as nice as me.


Jen : I just wish that we had a clean slate sometimes, that's all. You know?
Dawson : Hi, I'm Dawson.

Wilder : Every day is groundhog day with us, Miss Potter. Trouble is we never seem to get any smarter.

Dawson : He's an incredibly famous cinematographer. You used to know this stuff.
Joey : Wrong. I only pretended to know stuff like this so that you would be impressed with me.
Dawson : You are way more of a girl than I ever imagined.

Jack : So you're not that interesting.
Pacey : I'm not?
Jack : No. He--look... nobody listens that hard, ok, unless they're just tryin' to, you know...
Pacey : Well... I think for the first time in my life, I understand what it must be like to be a woman, a really hot woman.

Steve : Oh, and clever is bad?
Jen : Clever is distancing. Clever puts up this wall between you and the audience. So you can't trust clever.
Steve : I see. So in general, you trust passion. Has passion always steered you right in life?

Jeff : Available? You're not available. That's what you're trying to say.
Pacey : Yes. That's exactly what I'm trying to say.
Jeff : I sort of suspected. You seem very... together.
Pacey : And we are. [He puts his arm around Jack]
Jeff : Well, it was nice meeting you both. You know, I don't usually do this, but what the hell. If you guys ever break up, give me a call sometime. [He hands a card to Jack]

Pacey : What just happened right there? I think that I should be insulted on several different levels about that.

Joey : Why are you telling me this?
Wilder : I'm trying to get you to hate me.

Joey : How do you remember something that never happened?
Wilder : Fondly. You see, Flaubert believed that anticipation was the purest form of pleasure... and the most reliable. And that while the things that actually happen to you would invariable disappoint, the things that never happened to you would never dim. Never fade. They would always be engraved in your heart with a sort of sweet sadness.

Joey : No. We don't know each other very well, do we?
Wilder : No, we donít.
Joey : You have this image of me, this not-entirely-true image of me.
Wilder: As a 19th-century heroine?
Joey : Yeah. And even though that's not true, I'd rather you go on thinking that it is.

Joey : Did you ever meet someone who saw you... I mean, really saw you... but somehow, only saw the best?

Joey : I don't think the answer to that would sound very joey-like.

Jack : That's kind of the essence of Audrey, isn't it? I mean, she just zeros in on the one thing that you're slightly afraid of, and then she just does not take no for an answer.


Pacey (about Charlie) : This guy is not even in our social circle. I mean, sure, he circles around it like a vulture, but he's not actually in the circle, you know what I mean?

Pacey : You know, where I come from, Charles, it's not polite to dig into a man's financial affairs.

Jack: But you felt something?
Jen : No, I missed something. That thing where you meet somebody for the first time and you get to decide yes or no with only yourself in mind. And I don't want to be that girl that's upset that Saturday nights aren't more fun.

Joey : Sounds like this other band is pretty popular.
Audrey : It is not a face-off, bunny. No need to fret, no point, really. Not much means of defense against a Sabbath tribute band.

Gale : Sometimes there aren't even reasons, honey. Choosing a new direction in life isn't always something that requires a list. You just feel different.

Joey (sung, with Charlie) : I hate myself for loving you.

Audrey : I can't believe you want to... punch a guy in the face for me, Pacey. It's so... disturbingly cute.
Pacey : Really?

Audrey : Well, would you look at that? The gentlemen agree on something.

Charlie : Did you and Pacey go to the prom together?
Joey : We did indeed.
Charlie : God, that must be strange. Having him in there with your roommate.
Joey : That's the way we like to do things around here. I mean, aren't you the guy who met my friend Jen?

Charlie (to Joey) : Look, I just can't figure out why you wouldn't want to make a new friend. I mean, all the rest of your friends are sleepin' together.

Charlie (to Pacey) : Those are 2 of the most high-maintenance women known to man, and somehow you managed to wrangle both of them.

Charlie : So you only kind of hate me now?
Pacey : If I were you, I wouldn't take that so personally. It's not a short list.

Jen (to Dawson) : I got out of a cab 4 years ago, and you were there, and you looked so open and innocent and happy, and I thought to myself you were the boy for me. And I kind of put - I put everything, into that, and you know, I don't doubt for a minute that you're the best guy I'll know.


Jen : This is Clifton.
Clifton : Dawson?
Jack : No. It's Jack, actually. Jack.
Clifton : The homosexual! Nice to meet you.

Amy : He's dumping me, which really infuriates me, because I can't say I even like the guy. He's an idiot. He just happens to be a very attractive idiot, which infuriates me even more, because I always thought I was above that, which I'm obviously not.

Amy : Favorite movie of the last couple years off the top of your head. Don't even think about it.
Dawson : Run Lola run.
Amy : Liar! That's the movie you whip out to show people how cool you are! I'm not interested in cool. I'm interested in the movie that made you cry and you have no idea why. I'm interested in the movie that you're embarrassed to tell your friends you went to go see on opening night.

Oliver : Dawson, this is Amy Lloyd of the Boston Weekly.
Dawson : Yeah, we met.
Amy : We've exchanged unpleasantries.

Dawson : All right, calm down.
Oliver : You calm down. I'm gonna freak out. This is our future. This is our whole lives. Ha ha ha! Ok, this is what you have to do. You have to go after her. You have to get her back, apologize, kiss her ass, do whatever it is you have to do, just get her back.
Dawson : All right. All right, fine. What are you gonna do?
Oliver : I'm gonna go hit on your ex-girlfriend.

Joey (to Charlie) : You're thinking that I'm the most attractive and formidable woman you've ever been in the same room with. Though you're terrified of rejection, you like me and you want to take me out on a proper date.

Joey : Jen.
Jen : Joey.
Joey : Lindley.
Jen : Potter.


Joey : So basically, spring break is hunting season, Florida is the forest, and girls are the target?
Dawson : Jo, you're acting as if the girls don't have a choice in the matter.

Joey (to Dawson) : I will not let another self-deprecating word come out of your mouth.

Oliver : Are you aware that you haven't said one word in an hour and a half?
Dawson : I'm listening to the radio.
Oliver : I turned it off 20 minutes ago.

Charlie : Look, I would be happy to stop calling. Just tell me where you are.
Joey : I'm in your dreams, Charlie Todd.
Charlie : See, now, wait a second. That sounded suspiciously like flirting to me.
Joey : Maybe... and this is what a dial tone sounds like

Audrey : The one who I think of every time 'In Your Eyes' comes on the radio. My perfect high school boyfriend who every other boy gets compared to, and who no ones lived up to yet... He was like my Dawson.

Charlie : So, would you mind telling me what it was that you said to that woman to make her flee?
Joey : I may have said that... you were the kid from Hanson- the little one all grown up.

Joey : I don't even like him.
Pacey : No, of course not. The blushing, the flirting, the laughing, the singing-
Joey : Ok. Maybe I like him a little.

Charlie : I did a terrible thing, and I wish I had never done it, but... it doesn't define me, Joey. It's not all that I am. Come on. Haven't you ever hurt anybody?

Pacey : Audrey... will you be my girlfriend?


Joey : Do you know where I got that scar?
Charlie : No.
Joey : Do you know who my sixth grade teacher was?
Charlie : No. Mine was Mrs.--
Joey : Shh! You're ruining my favorite thing!

Joey : The point is, I wasn't there for every day of your life up until now, and you weren't here every day of mine.
Charlie: This is supposed to be a good thing?
Joey : Living without the weight of 18 years of expectation? Yes, it's a good thing. I mean, think about it. At this point, all I really know about you and your childhood is that... you used to play with Barbie dolls.

Audrey : I don't know. I don't speak corporate.

Joey : Well, when he found out I wasn't really up for the mission of madness, he started to talk about staying. I believe the word "us" may have even been used.

Audrey : You are so not a horrible person.
Joey : I am. I'm the worst kind of person because I suck these boys into my web, and then I make them give up their dreams until they're left sad and dreamless and living in Boston.
Audrey : Yeah, well, what about you? What about your dreams?
Joey : I have my dream. This is it.


Dawson : I'm very well aware of how you make a living. Let's see, how was it? "Despite a truly inspired ending "which should garner him some attention," Mr. Leery's first effort "is at times imitative, derivative, and full of unexplored potential."
Amy : That's not a slam. Hey, you didn't expect me to go easy on you just because we kissed, did you?

Dawson : What makes a girl decide to spend the night with a guy she hardly knows?
Amy : The same things that make a guy want to. Of course, with girls, the deciding factor is usually the shoes.
Dawson : You decided to sleep with me because of my sketchers?
Amy : Yeah, I could tell you were ok. Safe. Genuine. A kindred spirit.

Pacey : You're a very determined woman, aren't you?
Alex : Mmm. Everybody already thinks you did it, Pacey, so why don't you just do it?

Pacey : We have to what?
Alex : Stop.
Pacey : What about the heat?
Alex : Well, just... knowing that we could do it is enough.

Amy : We're both in very different places in our lives, Dawson. Mine is much more predictable and defined than yours, and I think we both know I'm probably not the person you need to be spending your precious time with right now.
Dawson : For what it's worth, I don't think your life is nearly as predictable and defined as you think it is, Amy. Would you have predicted a night like this?

Dawson : Joey, can I ask you a question? Do you like my shoes?
Joey : Yeah. Why?
Dawson : Just wondering.


Audrey : Hola, casa de Dawson. This place is gorgeous.
Dawson : Thank you. Welcome.
Audrey : So, where is it? The room - the scene for so many long nights of teen romance and angst.

Investor : So, no lunch?
Pacey : On the contrary. I brought enough pizza for everybody.

Alex : I'm not capable of answering your question because I honestly don't know why I am the way I am. I mean, do you know why you're so good?


Joey : I'm gonna say something. You and me, we had our shot. And you blew it. So I moved on. And you might wanna get on with your life, too, because...I mean, this is getting sad and ridiculous. I just thought that you should know that. Take care.

Audrey : I will accept that, Miss Potter. But know that when we meet again and we will, I hope you're not the same dull, bookish prude that I met at the beginning of the year. Because it took me months to crack you, and I just don't know if I have the energy to do it again.

Pacey (about Audrey) : Ever the actress, that one.

Dawson (to baby Lily) : Can you say Dawson? I know, I know. Can you say Dawson? Come here. Daw...son. Dawson. Come on, noun, verb, sentence.

Audrey (to Dawson and Joey) : If I know you two, there are things to be said, bitter sweetness to be had, things requiring alone time and nature and whatnot.

Joey : Dawson, how do you know that I'm not just this security blanket for you? You know, something that you'll keep coming back to whenever the world gets scary?
Dawson : It's not the world I'm scared of, Jo.

Danny : I'm sensing a little resentment. I'm sorry, kid, but I never promised you a rose garden. Hey, look, is there something you wanna say to me? You're giving me that disillusioned protégé look. I hate it.. 
Pacey : Hey, if the shoe fits, right?

Danny : Pacey, hey. You and me, we are cut from the same cloth... See, I look at you, and I see myself 15 years ago. You've got a great future ahead of you, kid.

Jen (to Dawson) : Great, so now the things that I said when we were together are gonna be used against me.

Dawson (to Jen) : All right, look, just do me a favor. Lie and tell me that you'll think about it.

Pacey : Does this Dawson character really mean that much to you? Ok, I'm just kiddin'.


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