201 The Distance 213 The Test
202 The Way We Were 214 The Rainy Day Women
203 The New Kids on the Block 215 The Mallpisode
204 The New Era 216 The Blaze of Glory
205 The SnO.C. 217 The Brothers Grim
206 The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't 218 The Risky Business
207 The Family Ties 219 The Rager
208 The Anniversary 220 The O.C. Confidential
209 The Ex-Factor 221 The Return of the Nana
210 The Accomplice 222 The Showdown
211 The Second Chance 223 The O.Sea
212 The Lonely Hearts 224 The Dearly Beloved


"I mean this in the least scandalous way, but youíre looking a little thin."
"I eat!"
"Ok. Oh god, you definitely drink, whatís in this lighter fluid?"
"Ahhh this is a Newport Beach ice tea."

        - Summer and Marissa, by the pool

"The more time I spend with Zack the less I have to think about...ew...what's his face...built like a bean pole, curly hair, runs away like a little bitch on his sailboat, leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend who cried and cried over him until the 4th of July when she decided she doesn't cry over bitches on boats..."
"Seth...his's Seth."
"I know! I'm just doing that thing where I pretend I don't and I've to use a lot of descriptive insults to give voice to my inner pain."
        - Summer and Marissa

"I've always liked Luke. He's like a big golden retriever."
        - Sandy, to Ryan

"Hey Cal, always a pleasure although if I may, why're we meeting in a parking garage?"
        - Sandy greets Caleb

"For the record I'm happy for you."
"For the record I don't believe you but for Marissa's sake I'll pretend to."
        - Julie and Jimmy

"Come home... Seth Ezekiel!"
"Ok, using the dreaded middle name is not the best way to forge a bond."

        - Kirsten and Seth Ezekiel Cohen

"So have you talked to Seth or Ryan?"
"I talked at Seth, if it qualifies as a conversation."
        - Marissa and Kirsten

"Cohen got in a little fight with his mom."
"Thank you, that was both honest an emasculating."
        - Luke and Seth

"I'm gonna go see what, eh, Luke wants for breakfast."
"Hmm I believe that was just a convenient excuse to leave us to round two."
        - Carson and Seth, as Carson avoids Seth and Sandy

"Think of all the money Luke saves on therapy playing these games."
"I think he should still consider therapy."

        - Seth and Ryan, as Luke gets intense about a video game


"...going on an on about summer. The summer not my Summer! The season not the person."
        - Seth, to Ryan, not looking forward to school

"I'm gonna brood. Silently. Over here."
        - Ryan, to Seth

"You're the bad guy! You're the outsider! You're supposed to be leading me into temptation, not homeroom."
        - Seth, to Ryan

"Oh my god."
"Oh my god."
"Oh my god!"
"Oh my god!"
        - Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa: as the gang spot each other at school

"No she cannot be dating him, thatís not even possible!"
"A second ago you wanted to date him."
"Thatís because heís me, you see what sheís doing donít you? Sheís basically dating the WASP version of me, itís so stupid."
        - Seth and Ryan, seeing Summer and Zach together

"Sheís scared and sheís hiding behind walls. And I will bring those walls down with one single grand gesture."
"No! No grand gestures!"
        - Seth, and Ryan, as Seth plots to get Summer back

"For us kickoff carnival usually determines the course of our romantic lives for the entire year..."
        - Seth, putting himself and Ryan under pressure

"I have not yet begun to fight Ryan, or grovel."
        - Seth, still pining for Summer

"I just want you."
"No! No you don't. You had me. You had me at Chrismukkah in a freaking 'Wonder Woman' costume and you chose Anna! You had me three months ago and you left! ...It seems that you only want me when you can't have me. You like the chase and thatís all. So you know can have it, I'm going home."
        - Seth and Summer


"Youíre talking about yourself in the third person."
"How is Sethís hair right now?"
        - Ryan, meeting the new improved Seth Cohen

"The only music they had in Chino was the sound of gunshots and helicopters."
        - Seth, explaining Ryan's taste in music

"My son doing manual labor? I never thought I'd live to see the day."
        - Sandy, after Seth gets a real job

"A certain... prickly brunette named after my least favourite season."
        - Seth, describing Summer to Alex

"Thatís my niche, pathetic and sweet."
        - Seth, playing to his strengths

"Its Thursday night no knocking until nine pm."
        - Seth makes the mistake of calling for Summer during 'The Valley'

"Well let's see, my stepfather blackmailed me into living with my mom. My mom shipped my little sister off to boarding school, oh, and my boyfriend spent the entire summer with a girl who may or may not have been pregnant with his child and now that heís back he still won't talk to me thanks to D.J."
        - Marissa, recapping for Jimmy

"Hey, I wasnít planning on coming here tonight, Iím here for 'Team Summer'."
"I'm here for 'Team Seth'."
        - Marissa and Ryan, backing up their friends


"She's argumentative, bossy, difficult..."
"Yeah thatís my type."
        - Ryan, trying to find a reason not to hook Seth up with Lindsay

"Thereís no way she'd even go out with me."
"Are you kidding me? Her with the tattoo, you with the wristband - thatís like the ultimate wrong side of the tracks love story..."
"No, I'm done dating I told you that."
"Ryan kids our age donít even date any more. They hang out in groups and then they peel off to hook up."
"You've never done that."
"No, I know, but I read about it."
        - Seth, trying to hook Ryan up with Alex

"My friend Ryan, he's really cool, okay? He's very anti-establishment. He enjoys sunset walks on the beach, punching people, and not smiling."
"And that's how you see me?"
"Yeah. Except more so."
        - Seth, pitching Ryan's finer qualities to Alex

"Is this one of those group hangs I've read about?"
        - Lindsay, as Ryan and Seth arrive

"I tried to Google myself and ended up crashing the entire computer network."
        - Julie, in need of Jimmy's help


"Ryan Atwood, afraid of a girl?"
"I just might like her, and every time a big event happens..."
"Things go awry."
        - Seth and Ryan, preparing for the SnOC winter dance

"I would love to go out with you but we're lab partners, can you imagine how awkward its gonna be if we break up?"
"We havenít even gone out yet!"
        - Lindsay and Ryan, lab partners

"Heís gonna think I'm crazy."
"Oh no no, he knows your a girl, he expects it."
        - Lindsay to Seth, changing her mind about Ryan

"That is how lame I have become. I can't even be third-wheel to a real relationship."
        - Seth, tagging along with Ryan and Marissa to the dance

"Seriously man four people and not one of us could get a real date."
        - Seth, as the gang head to the dance together dateless

"I was easier to love back then. I was beautiful and much nicer then."
"Jules, c'mon. You're still beautiful. and you were never that nice."
        - Julie and Jimmy, sharing a moment

"...An ex girlfriend who's maybe the most intimidatingly beautiful girl in the history of high school."
        - Lindsay, put off dating Ryan by Marissa

"I get it. You're one of those couples. Joannie and Chachi, Luke and Leia."
"Luke and Leia were brother and sister!"
        - Zach and Seth

"She can't fall for you, if you're not there to catch her."
"You're right, I can at least threaten to fight for her and even if it turned into an actual fight I could take Seth Cohen."
"...Did he just say Seth Cohen?"
        - Alex, unknowingly giving advice to Zach about Summer


"I've invited the Nichols or the Cooper-Nichols or whatever there called these days."
"They're called Gentiles."
        - Kristen and Seth, drawing up the guest list for Chrismukkah

"I've run outta places to go. I've had so many clandestine meetings lately I feel like I'm in an Oliver Stone movie..."
        - Sandy, meeting Renee at the pier

"Come over for Chrismukkah???"
"It'd be better if you were Jewish, thereís a ratio issue..."
        - Ryan, inviting Lindsay

"What if it's starting? The Chrismukkah backlash. What if it's getting too big and commercial ... It's like it started out as this really cool, cult holiday, flying under the cultural radar and then all of the sudden it crosses over. Then there's too much pressure. I mean can it really be the next Thanksgiving? Can it top Halloween?"
        - Seth, perhaps talking about more than just Chrismukkah

"...Suddenly my family, not so dysfunctional"
"You do know this is my family too?"
"Right, sorry I forget sometimes itís... its confusing"
        - Summer and Marissa, after Caleb reveals the truth about Lindsay

"I think you and I have a lot to be grateful for. Most of all, that we didnít start dating."
"Oh, yeah 'cause that would've been gross... on several levels."
        - Seth and Lindsay


"Hey man, whatís going on?"
"Will you punch someone please? For old times sake?"
        - Seth (feeling restless) and Ryan

"What's there to talk about? We already know how it ends, we already lived through this once!"
        - Marissa, to Jimmy

"I needed to borrow a wifebeater for tonight and I thought you had several so..."
        - Seth, borrowing Ryan's clothes for his 'bad boy' image

"I can't be here and be with Julie, but right now I can't be here and not be with Julie... In the last year Iíve nearly been arrested and bankrupt for stealing from my clients. I got punched out at my daughters cotillion, I lost my house, my family. I tried to kiss you (to Kirsten) which still feel terrible about. I spent the summer drunk on a boat with your 25 year-old sister and now I'm getting back together with the woman who started this in the first place."
        - Jimmy, setting the scene

"Your breath smells like Marissa, you are so drunk!"
        - Summer greets Seth

"Too bad Coop couldnít make it."
"Zach only I can call her Coop its kinda weird when you say it."
        - Zach and Summer

"Hooking up with your tutor Zach? Not even that cool in the eighties, I mean she could've at least been a hooker and helped you get in to Princeton."
        - Summer, getting postmodern with Zach

"This is a really important moment for us. This is our first fight that wasnít about Cohen, I mean he helped but this fight, it's ours."
        - Zach, to Summer


"He had a report to finish I think... 'The History of Agriculture in 20th Century California'."
"Wow, thatís specific."
"Hey kid, I was a public defender for many years. I've been lied to by the best. He snuck out to see his girlfriend didnít he?"
        - Ryan, failing dismally to cover for Seth in front of Sandy and Kirtsen

"What did you like shack at your girlfriends last night? And do the walk of shame to school this morning? So you shacked at Alex's guys are 'shacking'?"
        - Summer, to Seth, answering her own questions

"I understand but we cannot fight a war on multiple fronts. Have we learned nothing from the Nazis?"
        - Sandy, plotting parental strategy with Kirtsen

"Iíve never listened to my own parents, suddenly I feel compelled to listen to yours."
"Sandy Cohen has that affect on people."
        - Alex and Seth

"So your gonna need some space..."
"Iím gonna need some space."
"Yep, probably a little time."
"Definitely some time. Iím sorry."
        - Seth and Alex

"'The Economist', 'The Nation', 'The New Republic'? Ok what're you doing?"
"Iím informing myself Coop, itís impossible there is sooo much news, you know the worst part is it is constantly changing...if everything could jusr stop for day, maybe I could catch up."
        - Marissa and Summer, as Summer tries to get to grips with world affairs to impress Zach

"I just think we should take some time... space... for a while, be friends."
"Before I came here I talked to Kirsten an she asked me without asking me, to choose... between a sister and a boyfriend and genius that I am... I chose you. Had I known that you had this whole time space plan I might've chosen differently."
        - Ryan and Lindsay


"Wow, everyday she looks like she could be on the cover of a fashion magazine."
        - Lindsay, impressed\intimidated by Marissa's style

"Iím sure they donít even eat."
        - Lindsay to Ryan, as he persuades her to have lunch with Marissa and Summer

"There is a giant Julie Cooper on the table."
        - Sandy, finding the proposed cover for the magazine

"This magazine could go national. Why wouldnít America be fascinated with the lives and loves of Orange County's rich and fabulous... we're all beautiful and we're all dysfunctional, surf sex and scandal. It's a recipe for a cultural phenomenon donít you think Cal?"
        - Julie, pitching the "Newport Living" magazine

"How much you drink huh?"
"I donít know, as much as Marissa?"
"That's a lot."
       - Ryan and Lindsay

"It got a little outta control."
"It always does with you. You spent all last year trying to drag me down with you, and now her... You wanna make a mess outta your own life fine, you're doinf a pretty good job of it if you ask me."
        - Marissa and Ryan, after he finds Lindsay

"Maybe we shouldnít both be here I mean itís potentially too much apologies for one door step?"
"We're not doin it at the same time."
        - Seth and Ryan ave to apologise to Alex and Marissa

"Itís like your stalking me?"
"Yeah but Iím stalking with good intentions, I came to apologise."
        - Alex and Seth

"I like her... and if you do the math sheís my step sister."
        - Marissa, to Ryan about Lindsay


"Sorry, I would have introduced you guys, but I didn't want you two to meet."
        - Alex, belatedly introducing Seth and Jodie

"Continue to position yourself between me an members of my family? Ryan if I wanted a relationship with Lindsay I would have one."
"Funny thatís what she said."
"Smart girl."
"You have no idea. You should though."
"Howís your relationship with your father Ryan? He still in jail?"
"And you would be to if it werenít for Sandy? So I guess Lindsay and I are both better off."
        - Caleb and Ryan

"According to the OC Weekly heís pretty much everything thatís wrong with Western civilisation all wrapped up in one guy."
        - Lindsay, doing some research on Caleb

"I love the guy but come on...heís Lex Luthor."
        - Seth's affectionate nickname for Caleb

"Cohen, this is what you should be doing."
"What, drawing the women who've wronged me as whip-wielding warrior princesses?"
"Yeah, in your own comic!"
        - Zach and Seth, after Zach see Seth's sketch book

"Hey Brian Gatwood! AKA Kid Chino! A strong but silent youth from the wrong side of the tracks who, when provoked, unleashes his fists of fury!"
        - Seth, coming up with a comic book alterego for Ryan

"What have you done to my boyfriend?"
"Now Summer if youíre not nice, somebodyís not gonna be in the comic."
        - Summer and Seth

"Princess Sparkle, you are not going to believe this."
        - Summer, confiding in her childhood familiar

"Iím gonna let you get back to work, because I expect my own action figure by Chrismukkah."
        - Summer to Seth, coming around to the comic book idea


"So then you're saying that I'm just complaining that I've nothing to complain about... great, well then I'll await the next great to wreak havoc with my heart and mind."
        - Seth, to Ryan

"You accused her of wanting money ó not that you ever saw that as a character flaw before."
        - Kirsten to Caleb

"Cosmo Girl with a passion for fashion and a magic flask."
        - Seth, coming up with a comic book persona for Marissa

"Look, I'm not the biggest fan of your dadóno offenseóbut I mean Luke Skywalker was happy to have a dad, even if it was Darth Vader."
"You're right, she needs a dad."
        - Ryan and Kirsten

"Well didn't you use that Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader analogy?"
"She poked a serious hole in that analogy."
        - Kirsten and Ryan, trying to get Lindsay to dinner

"You guys have a lot to catch up on. I'd hate to see you waste it insulting me."
        - Ryan, fleeing from a Caleb-Lindsay dinner

"We were each other's inbetween people you know... we helped get each other ready for what's next."
        - Alex, explaining their relationship to Seth


"So what do you think, can we take some time off from taking time off?"
        - Ryan, reconnecting with Lindsay in time for Valentine's Day

"What is it with my daughters and that kid?"
        - Caleb to Kirsten, discussing Ryan

"There are days I think Kirsten and me are bullet proof but I donít wanna test that theory."
        - Sandy

"She is so OCD man back packing with her is gonna be a nightmare... maybe a weekend in Venice..."
"Wow that doesnít sound romantic at all."
        - Zach, discussing his summer plans for Summer with Seth

"I'd say we need to talk but clearly that doesnít work for us."
"So what do you wanna do, take a swing at me? You might as well Iím the only person in town you havenít punched."
        - Ryan, trying to find some common ground with Caleb

"Do you want your inheritance going to little miss Lindsay because that is where this is headed unless you put in some serious face time with your step father."
"Thatís an interesting idea Mom, I'll think about. Now why donít you tell me about your trip."
       - Marissa comes up with a strategy to survive dinner with Julie

"After the way I acted today Ryan I donít even think I'd get back together with me."
        - Seth, not making a good pitch for the comic book

"On the Valentine's scale I think think mine's worse and I win."
"Your right. Yours is worse."
"Look at all these people, these normal, non-traumatised people in love. Doyou think we'll ever have that?"
        - Seth and Ryan


"Do I need to tell you how transparent your motives are? Renee is an honest woman."
"The kind of honest woman who has an affair with a married man?"
        - Caleb and Julie

"Look, Seth what you made me realise is I wasnít waiting for marriage, I was just waiting for the perfect moment, a harmony of girl and place. I mean I liked the hotel room in San Diego but a villa in Tuscany, I mean thatís pretty perfect... I just wanna be straight forward with you Seth ok? So you can plan your freak out accordingly. If you wanna punch me in the face right now I'd be ok with that."
        - Zach, telling Seth about his romantic plan for Summer

"I finally realised that itís over between me and Summer, Iím just venting."
"D'you think maybe you should be venting this to Summer?"
"Hell no! Last time I tried to talk to her about things she nearly decapitated me with my favourite pillow."
        - Seth and Ryan

"Alex? ...Sethís Alex? ...Girl Alex?"
        - Summer, after Marissa spills the beans about who she's dating


"Have you looked out the window, itís like the opening sequence from 'Day After Tomorrow'?"
        - Seth, as the rain pours down on Newport Beach

"Look Cohen, are we gonna do this again? Or did you like actually come here to advance the plot?"
        - Summer, after Seth makes another visit to her room

"Your listening'ta Boyz II Men?"
"I can think of no sadder song in the whole world... unless I can think of one last grand romantic gesture... Summers gone."
        - Ryan and Seth

"Before I say eureka again d'you see any other potential flaws or holes in my plan?"
"Then eureka Ryan. Eu-FREAKING-reka... Turn this music off its depressing me."
        - Seth and Ryan, ironing the wrinkles out of a grand romantic gesture

"We got washed out road, rain storm... cheap motel."
"Has all the makings of a great slasher movie."
        - Rebecca and Sandy, stranded by the storm

"So what we had meant nothing?"
"It meant everything to me then. That was then now I got a family that I love and Iím not throwin that away."
        - Rebecca and Sandy

"Oh by the way, our ex's are dating each other now... Marissa and Alex, no longer welcome in the red states."
"That I wouldnt've predicted. Think itís for real?"
"God I hope so. I just want them toó"
        - Seth and Ryan, as the truth comes out

"Iím moving out... You have my cell if Caleb kicks and you need help counting your cash."
        - Marissa's parting shot to Julie

"I refuse to be denied this one *small* pleasure... this I can fix."
        - Seth, planning a trip to the roof to fix the satellite dish

"I canít go. I canít do this."
"Truth be told... I didnít think you'd make it passed security."
        - Summer and Zach, at the airport


"If by tomorrow morning you still wanna go to Chicago I promise you, I will drive you to the bus stop I will generate a fantastic cover story for the parents. Good, itís settled... Iím saving Private Ryan."
        - Seth, trying to take Ryan's mind off Lindsay

"You guys this is gonna be so much fun though! Itís like we have a backstage the mall!"
        - Summer

"Iím not going to lie to you, this magazine is about us and the people who aspire to be like us."
"It's really more about her."
        - Julie and Kirsten, explaining 'Newport Living' to Carter

"Marissa and happy parted ways about her 16th birthday but have you met her new friends sullen and vindictive?"
"No, the only ones sheís brought over to the house are scared and overwhelmed."
        - Julie and Alex

"You actually seem like a nice enough girl but you are this week's yard guy... Marissaís latest weapon of torture to inflict against me... Marissaís only been in love once and he looked a whole lot different in a wife beater."
        - Julie to Alex

"What could be cooler? Go to sleep in a mall... and wake up in a mall. Come on it's like being awake but still dreaming!"
        - Summer, enthused about being trapped in the mall

"Ryan and I are trapped in the mall and we're gonna spend the night here, now I know that credit card use is for emergencies but I may have'ta shell out for a few supplies... It's a little something I like to call the truth."
       - Seth, dispensing with a cover story

"Go for it I'll camp out here, keep an eye out for bears and mall cops."
        - Ryan to Marissa, as they take refuge in the outdoors store

"I will stop with the teasing when you confess."
"And I'll stop punching you when you shut up."
"How is it that Ryan and Marissa are now the functional couple?"
"Oh my god, ok we cannot be more annoying then Ryan and Marissa... we're monsters. Do we not work as a couple anymore...are we all set up and no pay off?"
        - Seth and Summer


"You know I gotta say this year...not as good as last. We all tried some new things and that was fun ó yard guys, illegitimate daughters, less fighting, more live music."
"Well maybe you remember last year as better cause it was all new?"
"So you think I've sentimentalised the past all out of proportion?"
        - Seth and Ryan

"Donít even think about it Cohen, we have lived through enough of their pain and suffering... Ryan and Marissa separate, both great people that I love, together disaster so stay away from them."
        - Summer, as Seth plays matchmaker

"We're putting together our first issue of 'Newport Living' and we're trying to figure out what photo of Julie to use on the cover."
"Talk about Sophieís choice! So who'd ya finally get to edit the Medusa monthly?"
        - Kirtsen and Sandy

"Think about this, that guy worked in, no, he toiled in an actual construction job. Also he enjoys architecture and burning stuff down."
"He did torch Calebís model home..."
        - Seth recommends Ryan to help Marissa out constructing the bonfire

"Hey can you tell Seth never to call me 'Coop' again cause he kinda ruined the nickname."
"Cohen called you Coop?"
        - Marissa and Summer

"Ahhh, see your punchin people thatís very last year."
        - Seth to Ryan

"A little word of advice ó you gotta work this hard, its not working."
        - Ryan to Alex

"I think Captain Oats would be very proud... or deeply disturbed by this visual."
        - Seth, watching the bonfire


"At least I could be there for him."
"Coop you sound extremely girlfriendy right now."
        - Marissa and Summer, discussing Ryan

"Hey man, you came back! People never leave an come back."
        - Seth greets Zach

"Ryan said you talk a lot."
"Yeah it's kind of a problem but hopefully one you'll come to find endearing. So howís it know feel to be out?"
"Yeah? Cool. Monosyllables run in the family. Thatís awesome."
        - Trey and Seth

"I just thought we should check in, you know, have a state of the union."
        - Julie to Caleb

"Zachís resilient, I mean under all that floppy hair and goofy smile... thereís like a layer of steel."
        - Summer

"I came for 'Newport Living', I do live in Newport."
        - Summer, going to the magazine launch party

"Why did you tell me about Francesca?"
"Because you begged me to."
"That is not why Cohen. I have begged you to do plenty of stuff! Like give up comic books, stop mumbling and you donít do any of that."
        - Summer and Seth

"We had this big great kiss in the rain upside down and I donít know, I thought maybe what if after that everything was a let down for you... you had buyer's remorse or something."
"You are so neurotic."
"Exactly...unlike Zach whoís anxiety free with his big smile and natural athleticism... that guy makes me feel very Jewish."
"...And you, with all your little flaws, and your little quirks, somehow you keep drawing me back in."
        - Seth and Summer

"Sorry about that everyone. It's... technical difficulties, please everyone help themselves to a drink...or two. Lord knows Iím going to."
        - Carter, trying to distract people from that video


"Sorry! You know if anyone should know about knocking before entering the poolhouse that'd be me."
        - Ryan, walking in on Marissa

"Howís the poolhouse?"
"Weird. You know the only time Iíve ever slept in that bed I was with you."
        - Ryan and Marissa, not totally comfortable with the sleeping arrangements

"I love you like a brother, brother, but we're too old to be sleeping in the same room. Besides, I think Iím gettin in the way."
        - Trey to Ryan

"Good afternoon Newport beach, and welcome to the OC-pseudo-charity-non-yard-sale."
        - Sandy, hosting the auction

"I never get to go."
"Yeah, thereís a reason."
"Yeah but if I go with you no one's gonna suspect anything 'cause we all know that if you were doing anything dangerous I wouldnít get to go. Iím the perfect cover."
        - Seth and Ryan

"Seth go deep!"
"This never worked in PE."
        - Ryan and Seth

"Looks like the Ironist an Kid Chino, with a little help from Cosmo Girl an Little Miss Vixen, saved the day. Itís like an issue of Atomic County."
        - Seth, summing up


"A beautiful girl...who loves comics ó I didnít even know they existed."
"It's like finding a unicorn Zach, itís like finding a really hot unicorn."
        - Zach and Seth talk comics with Reed

"Oh my god, you are the most supportive non-girlfriend in history."
        - Summer to Marissa, as she tries to reconcile Ryan and Trey

"You know whatís on the way ta the Thai place? The apartment of a certain ex-con I know..."
"Canít. Studying history."
"So your just not gonna see him anymore?
"People who donít learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, well, Iíve learned."
        - Seth and Ryan

"How many people would you say you invited?"
"Yeah me too."
"I donít even know four other people."
        - Ryan, Marissa, Summer and Seth, as the party turns into a 'rager'

"Thanks dude, it's deja vu... OC party, attacked by water polo guy, saved by an Atwood."
        - Seth, as Trey comes to the rescue


"The compulsive need to rescue Marissa Cooper must be in the Atwood DNA."
"It would explain a lot."
        - Seth and Ryan

"All Iím asking is that we not mention any lesbian dalliances or...bodies in the pool, ok?"
        - Julie, to Marissa

"What does it look like?"
"It looks like one of your movies."
        - Julie and Caleb, in an "American Beauty" moment

"They should implement the bucket concept in fast food chains, all the flavour, none of the calories."
        - Carter, a fan of fines wines and fine food

"How many wines have we tasted?"
"According to my notes I stopped taking notes."
        - Kirsten and Carter, in a "Sideways" moment

"Youíre a narc!"
        - Kyle to Ryan, in a "21 Jump Street" moment


"I donít believe it Ryan, Bright Eyes has two albums in the top ten."
"You ok with that?"
"Yeah I just feel like the rest of the world has finally caught up to me. Itís a little bit scary... tell me I'm still special?"
        - Seth and Ryan

"I came over to see if you were ok after the other night?"
"Iím in gym clothes and my hair is in French braids! So Iím terrible. Cohen and I are on time out... he went off to Miami to party it up like he always does this time of year when we're on a time out."
        - Zach and Summer

"Itís actually kind of a long story can you do me a favour? If you see Summer, could you please keep her away from the television?"
        - Seth, to Marissa

"They find out what sheís doin here, she'll be expelled, which wont matter when sheís burnin in hell."
        - Guy, filling Ryan in on Mary Sue's fate

"Is it a bad sign when you drink so much that you canít open a new bottle?"
        - Kirtsen, and for the record, yes it is and you have a problem!


"I really thought things were gonna be different this time but you havenít changed at all! You've found new an even more public ways of disappointing me."
        - Summer to Seth

"Seth please tell me youíre not using the comic book club to spy on Summer and Zach?"
        - Ryan

"Is Zach really trying to destroy the comic book club?"
        - Leon, of the comic book club, to Seth

"Nobody messes with my men except me."
        - Summer

"Iím sorry. I donít get references before 1990."
        - Summer to Reed

"Youíre manipulating me...but I think I like what youíre saying."
        - Summer, being persuaded by Reed

"Nice whip."
        - Seth and Zach, when Summer\Little Miss Vixen shows up


"Nope. Donít wanna forgive you, but, prom is tomorrow night and I have wanted to go my whole life, so Iím not gonna let our demented little threesome ruin that for me. So Iím going with one of you."
"Well which one of us are you gonna take?"
"Donít care...  so you're gonna decide. Donít care how, but tomorrow I will be in front of my house in a dress and one of you will pick me up, got it."
        - Summer, explaining her plan to Seth and Zach

"Face it, you two canít do anything together except whine about Summer, I canít face another debacle. I canít handle another debacle."
        - Reed, telling Seth and Zach how it is

"Iím prepared for whatever fate throws my way tonight, I have a tuxedo pressed in case Iím going to the promó"
"Mines in the trunk."
"óalright, and if I am in fact meeting with George Lucas I have my Boba Fett t-shirt."
        - Seth and Zach, letting fate decide

"Sick? Too sick to take you to prom? Well he better be really sick, like dead, because if heís not Iím gonna strangle him with his own wife beater."
        - Summer, after Ryan bales on Marissa

"The prom is a great American tradition. It's important to experience the things of being a teenager, when you're a teenager. When I went off and made my film 'American Graffiti' I'd never had the experience of a prom and I had to make a movie about it. I felt... hopelessly inadequate without having really done it myself... not having been part of that pivotal moment in teenage life I felt very sad and alone."
        - George Lucas, explaing to Seth why he shouldn't miss his prom

"I canít abandon you."
"I did it to you."
"Good point."
"Go, save Cohen from himself."
        - Zach and Summer

"So movie time, now Seth recommends 'Shaun of the Dead'. He says itís a very funny romantic zombie comedy."
        - Sandy

"I know Iím not who you all imagined... as prom king. Seeing as how Iím not who any of you actually voted for but sheís the queen and I love her... so I guess that that makes me king? No Iím just the guy standing next to you... alright Iím the jester, perhaps, if that works?"
        - Seth, standing in for Zach as prom king to Summer's queen

"Right now I feel more like your dad then I feel like your husband."
        - Sandy, trying to get through to Kirsten


"He leaves a legacy of possibility, but, his true achievement, were his children. He was a caring father, a wonderful grandfather, a truly terrible father in-law."
        - Sandy's eulogy for Caleb

"One girl, two brothers. It's all a little 'Legends of the Fall'."
        - Summer, about Marissa, Ryan amd Trey

"This isnít supposed to happen to us. We're not that family."
"Every familyís got their issues... this is ours."
        - Seth and Sandy

"The way things've been going I bet thatís Oliver."
        - Seth, after the doorbell rings

"You know we can bend this thing. Doesnít mean itís gonna break."
        - Sandy, to Kirsten

"Before I tell you. You gotta promise you're gonna stay calm, and you're not gonna get all old school Ryan Atwood?"
        - Seth to Ryan

"All year I have tried to be a different person. I canít do that anymore."
        - Ryan


"The O.C." has already become too much like a latter day "Melrose Place." When "Melrose" started to go bad, I often felt like they were in a race I didn't know about ó story lines clipped along so quickly I didn't have time to care about them before they were suddenly over. Unfortunately, the same can be said for "The O.C." this season. Seriously, I'd take Oliver any day over some of this nonsense. They've ruined Seth (who is far too aware of how cute he is), they've turned Summer into a shrill pest (her story line with Seth is on continuous repeat mode), and can anyone justify Ryan's haircut? Only the parents are faring well these days.
        - TV Gal from

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