Constance O'Day Flannery

Constance is based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. She was the middle child in a family of six children, and has a son and daughter.

She is a prolific writer of romantic novels, and has been dubbed the Queen of Time Travel Romance. Her work includes "Timeless Passion" (1986), "Timeswept Lovers" (1987), "Time-Kept Promises" (1988), "Time-Kissed Destiny" (1990), "Once in a Lifetime" (1991), "Second Chances" (1992), "A Time for Love" (1994), "The Gift" (1994), "Seasons" (1995), "Bewitched" (1995), "Sunsets" (1996), "This Time Forever" (1998), "Anywhere You Are" (1999), "Once and Forever" (1999), "Heaven on Earth" (2000), "Here and Now" (2001), "Time After Time" (2001), "Shifting Love" (2004), "Colliding Forces" (2005), "Best Laid Plans" (2006), "Twice in a Lifetime" (2006), and "Old Friends" (2007).

She also produced an anthology entitled "Secret Loves" (1994) together with co-authors Wendy Haley, Cheryl Lanham and Catherine Palmer, contributing a short story called "Irish Eyes".

[her portrait is illustrated above; source unrecorded]