SeŠn Flannery / David Hagberg

David Hagberg (pseudonyms include SeŠn Flannery, as well as David Bannerman, David James, Robert Pell, Eric Ramsey, Gary Kriss, Flash Gordon and Nick Carter) was born in 1942 in Duluth, Minnesota. He lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife Laurie.

David joined the United States Air Force after high school where he was trained as a cryptographer, stationed in Greenland above the Arctic Circle, and later in Germany where he helped construct the (then) worldís largest crypto center. He attended the University of Maryland (Overseas Division) and the University of Wisconsin studying physics, mathematics and philosophy. He learned to write as a cub reporter on the Duluth Herald & News-Tribune and later as a news desk editor for the Associated Press.

He is a prolific writer of international thrillers, and his writing style has been compared to Tom Clancy. His work includes "Twister" (1975 DH), "Blizzard" (1975 DJ), "Forest Fire" (1975 DJ), "The Capsule" (1976 DH), "Croc" (1976 DJ), "The Sign of the Prayer Shawl" (1976 NC), "That Winslow Woman" (1977 RP), "The Kummersdorf Connection" (1978 ER), "Race Of Death" (1978 NC), "The Kremlin Conspiracy" (1979 SF), "Massacre in the 22nd Century" (1980 FG), "War of the Citadels" (1980 FG), "Crisis on Citadel II" (1980 FG), "Eagles Fly" (1980 SF) "Forces from the Federation" (1981 FG), "Citadels Under Attack" (1981 FG), "Citadels on Earth" (1981 FG), "The Trinity Factor" (1981 SF), "The Strontium Code" (1981 NC), "The Ouster Conspiracy" (1981 NC), "Last Come The Children" (1982 DH), "The Hollow Men" (1982 SF), "The Puppet Master" (1982 NC), "The Damocles Threat" (1982 NC), "The Hunter" (1982 NC), "Operation: McMurdo Sound" (1982 NC), "Appointment In Haiphong" (1982 NC), "Retreat For Death" (1982 NC), "Heartland" (1983 DH), "The Magic Man" (1983 DB), "The Gamov Factor" (1983 DB), "False Prophets" (1983 SF), "The Instanbul Decision" (1983 NC), "Earthfire North" (1983 NC), "Pipeline from Hell" (1984 DB), "Zero Hour Strike Force" (1984 NC), "Death Island" (1984 NC), "Death Hand Play" (1984 NC), "Heroes" (1985 DH), "Broken Idols" (1985 SF), "Call of Honor" (1985 DB), "The Vengeance Game" (1985 NC), "The Killing Ground" (1986 NC), "Death Orbit" (1986 NC), "Operation Petrograd" (1986 NC), "Last Come the Children" (1987 DH), "Gulag" (1987 SF), "Moscow Crossing" (1988 SF), "First Loyalty" (1988 GK), "First Option" (1988 GK), "Dragonfire" (1988 NC), "Without Honor" (1989 DH), "The Zebra Network" (1989 SF), "Crossed Swords" (1989 SF), "Countdown" (1990 DH), "Counterstrike" (1990 SF), "Crossfire" (1991 DH), "Critical Mass" (1992 DH), "Moving Targets" (1992 SF), "Desert Fire" (1993 DH), "Winner Take All" (1994 SF), "High Flight" (1995 DH), "Assassin" (1997 DH), "Kilo Option" (1997 SF), "Achilles' Heel" (1998 SF), "White House" (1999 DH), "Joshua's Hammer" (2000 DH), "Eden's Gate" (2001 DH), "Combat: Breaking Point" (2001 DH with Stephen Coonts), "The Kill Zone" (2002 DH), "By Dawn's Early Light" (2003 DH), "Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines" (2003 DH), "Victory: V5" (2003 DH with Stephen Coonts), "Soldier of God" (2005 DH), "Allah's Scorpion" (2006 DH), "Dance with the Dragon" (2007 DH), and "Mutiny!" (2008 DH with Boris Gindin).

His literary achievements include a nomination for The American Book Award, three nominations for the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award and three Mystery Scene best American Mystery Awards. His papers are archived at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

[his portrait is illustrated above; courtesy of Forge Books publications]