Lott Flannery

Lott Flannery was born in Limerick in 1836; the son of Patrick Lott and Mary Helen (née Corbett) Flannery; with brothers Patrick and Martin, and sisters Helen and Julia. The family emigrated to the U.S.A. when Lott was a young man.

He was a talented sculptor with a studio on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington DC, and developed one of the largest stone-carving businesses in the city. The main business conducted by Lott and his younger brother Martin was headstones for the local cemeteries, but the inevitable demand for memorial decoration soon led Lott to experiment with ornate carvings in marble and bronzed plaster. His work included busts of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Chester A. Arthur (1829-1886; 21st president of the United States) and General John A. Logan (1826-1886), but he is best known for three other works of art (illustrated below):-

Grief 1865 McClellan Gate 1879 Lincoln 1868

Lott died in his home at 2920 Upton Street NW in Washington DC on 19th December 1922 aged 86, and is buried in Mount Olivet cemetery. He was survived by two nephews Martin and William, and four nieces Kate, Jennie, Madge and Lillian Flannery (all of whom were the surviving children of his older brother Patrick).

[his sculpture is illustrated above; source unrecorded]