Early recorded Flannerys in Ireland (8th - 18th Centuries)

15th Century

  • John O'Flannery, Bishop of Derry 1401 - 1415

    The Annals of Connaught record that SeoŠn ” Flannabhra (John O'Flannery), Abbot of the Cistercian monastery of Moycosquin (about three miles S.W. of Coleraine), was elevated by Pope Boniface IX to Bishop of Derry on 19th August 1401, and served until his death in February 1415.

    Papal letters record that on 19th August 1401, John O'Flannra was dispensed super defectu natalium (dispensation from illegitimacy). The same letters record that on 27th August 1401, John O'Flannra promised to pay for his tax 120 florins for his predecessors Hugo, John, John and Simon.

    The Diocese of Derry originated in a monastery founded by St. Columcille about 545, of which some of the abbots at a very early period were styled bishops, but the title of bishop of Derry was not established until 1158, or even a century later, as the bishops, whose see was at Derry, were sometimes called Bishops of Tyrone. The see first existed at Ardsrath, where St. Eugene, the first bishop, died about the end of the sixth century; it was subsequently removed to Maghera, whence it was transferred to Derry.

    The diocese was created at the Synod of Rath Breasail in 1111, and the see was constituted at Derry in 1158 by a decree of the Synod of Kells. Prior to 1608, the bishop had one-third of the tithes of each parish; a lay person, called an Erenach, who was the bishop's farmer, had another third; and the remaining third was allowed for the incumbent. After 1608, the bishops gave their share to the incumbents of parishes on the grant by King James I of the Erenach lands (approx. 6,534 acres) to the see in exchange.

  • Thady Flannelly, Rector of Skreen, County Sligo before 1411

    Papal letters record that on 25th January 1411, Manus O'Dowd, a Killala cleric, was applying for a vacant Canonry of Killala and the Rectory of Skreen, which he claims to be vacant now by the death of the previous holder, Thady Flannelly.

  • Patrick O Flandura, Rector of Aghadowey, County Derry 1414

    Papal letters record that on 25th March 1414, Pope John XXIII wished to confer a special favour on Patrick O Flandura (born 1391), clerk of Aghadowey, in consideration of his merits. The Rectory of Aghadowey was vacant by reason that Donald O Kartean, perpetual Vicar of Banagher, diocese of Derry, on whom it had been canonically conferred, held both benefices together for a month or more without a dispensation, contrary to the canons. The Pope directed the Bishop of Volterra, the Dean of Derry, and John O Chasalayd, Canon of Derry, to confer the Rectory (the yearly income of which does not exceed six marks sterling) on said Patrick provided that at the date of these presents no one had a special right therein.

  • Patrick Flannelly, Canon and untitled Vicar of Kilglass, County Sligo 1422

    Papal letters record that on 5th February 1423, Kilglass Vicarage, value not exceeding eight marks of silver, to be assigned to Canon Cormac O'Dowd because it is now vacant since Patrick Flannelly has held it for over a year without being ordained, although holding a Canonry of no yearly value.

    Papal letters record that on 26th February 1423, Cormac O'Dowd promises to pay the Annates for the perpetual Vicaage of Kilglass, which is about to become vacant because the holder, Patrick Flannelly, has not yet had himself ordained priest.

  • Fergal O'Flannelly, Rector of Skreen, County Sligo before 1423

    Papal letters record that on 21st October 1423, Fergal O'Flannelly had been the holder of Skreen Rectory, or the rectory of ecclesiastical lands called Cul Cnamha, and was dead when Rory O'Dowd, who held the Canonry and prebend of Killanley, was collated to it by Bishop Thomas Barrett in 1423.

  • Timothy Flannelly, Rector of Skreen, County Sligo 1426 - 1441

    Papal letters record that on 29th September 1426, Timothy Flannelly promises to pay the Annates for the Rectory of Skreen, which is now vacant because of the failure of Rory O'Dowd to be ordained a priest.

  • Thomas Flannelly, Rector of Castleconnor, County Sligo 1427 - 1438

    Papal letters record that on 7th November 1427, Thomas Flannelly promises to pay the Annates for the parochial Vicarage of the church of Castleconnor, valued at eight marks of silver, now vacant through the death of Gelasius O'Mulligan.

  • Maurice O'Flannelly, Killala cleric 1436

    Papal letters record that on 26th March 1436, Maurice O'Flannelly, a Killala cleric, is accusing the Vicar of Skreen, Ronald O'Rothlan, of violence and bloodshed, who is to be removed if the charges are proved true.

  • John O'Flannelly, Canon, County Sligo circa 1456 - 1482

    Papal letters record that John O'Flannelly was a Canon, and appointed as judge, with two others, to adjudicate at least three disputes in 1456, 1471 and 1482.

    On 29th January 1456, John was appointed to adjudicate the claim of Murianus Kilcoyne, the Vicar of Attymass in County Mayo, to the Viacarage of Easkey in County Sligo, on the grounds that Donatus O'Lochlaind, the holder, has defective sight, and has committed perjury and simony. If granted the Viacarage of Easkey, Murianus Kilcoyne is to resign Attymass.

    On 4th November 1471, John was appointed to adjudicate in the case where John MacAnStrorach, the perpetual Vicar of Easkey, is accused of simony by Maurice O'Dowd, a Killala cleric.

    In 1482, John was directed to collate the perpetual Vicarage of Skreen to William O'Flannelly, a Killala Canon, but without a prebend, and to remove Patrick Flannelly, who has held this vicarage for 18 years without title. The Vicarage of Skreen was so long vacant that it had lapsed to the Apostolic See.

  • Patrick Flannelly, Canon of Killala and untitled Vicar of Skreen 1464 - 1482

    Papal letters record that in 1482, Patrick Flannelly held a Canonry of Killala of no value without prebend, and also held the Vicarage of Skreen until he was removed because he had not yet had himself ordained priest.

  • John O'Flannelly, Prior of Aughris Augustinian Priory, County Sligo 1465 - 1477

    Papal letters record that on 17th July 1465, John O'Flannelly is seeking to become Prior of Aughris through the deprivation of Thady O'Dowd.

  • Malachy O'Flannelly, Prior of Aughris Augustinian Priory, County Sligo 1477

    Papal letters record that on 6th November 1477, Malachy O'Flannelly, who has a dispensation from illegitimacy and is now a priest, and professed, as Prior of Aughris, value twenty-four marks of silver, and vacant through the recent death of John O'Flannelly.

  • William O'Flannelly, Vicar of Skreen, County Sligo 1482 - 1495

    Papal letters record that William O'Flannelly, Canon of Killala in County Mayo, was collated perpetual Vicar of Skreen in 1482, with a value of ten marks of silver. Subsequent Papal letters record that on 19th November 1490, William O'Flannelly was Canon of Aughris Augustinian Priory, and a litigant over the Vicarage of Skreen and the Priory of Aughris. The judgement ruled in his favour, and the Vicarage and Priory were united (for his lifetime), valued at eight marks and twenty-four marks of silver respectively.