Early recorded Flannerys in Ireland (8th - 18th Centuries)

17th Century Records

  • William Flannery, Clonghorslishe, Co. Carlow circa 1623

    The Thrift Abstracts include a Chancery Bill dated 22nd November 1623 citing the case of William Flannery versus John Brown.

  • Thomas Flannelly, Prebend of Rosserkberg, Killala, County Mayo 1632 - 1661

    Diocesan registers record that Thomas was ordained Deacon on 9th May 1613, and Priest on 6th July 1615. He was collated to the Prebendary of Rosserk on 26th March 1631, and installed on 4th April 1632. He was described as "A native, sound convert, reads Irish well, of good character.". He died circa 1661.

  • Teige Reogh O Flannelly, Co. Mayo circa 1636 - 1641

    Strafford's Inquisition of County Mayo (1625 - 1635) records Teige holding land in the barony of Tirawley.

    The Books of Survey and Distribution (1641) record Teige holding land in the parishes of Dooniny, Rareogh and Killfian in the barony of Tirawley.

  • John fflanly, Co. Mayo circa 1641 - 1660

    The Books of Survey and Distribution (1641) record John holding land in the parish of Kilbealfadda in the barony of Tirawley.

    Records of Forfeiting (Papist) Proprietors in Ireland under the Cromwell Settlement (1650) include John losing his land in the barony of Tirawley.

    Records of Restorees of Charles II dated 30th November 1660 include Lieutenant John Flanelly.

  • Daniel Flanedy, Co. Limerick circa 1653 - 1654

    Records of persons transported in Ireland from the City and County of Limerick include Daniel.

  • The Census of Ireland (circa 1659) was based on the Poll-Money Ordinances of 1660 and 1661. It does not provide details of individual house holders, but it does list common surnames, and their frequency, by barony. Flannery is recorded as a principle surname in two baronies of County Tipperary :-

  • There are ten recorded instances of Flanura / Flanory in the barony of Oway and Arra.

  • There are eight recorded instances of Flanury in the barony of Upper Ormond.

  • James Flannelly, circa 1672

    Fr. James Flannelly was the parish priest of Killala in County Mayo.

    He is mentioned in volume three of the Scritture riferite nie congressi, Irlanda in the Vatican's Propaganda Archives. The Archives contain a letter dated 28th February 1672 from James Lynch, archbishop of Tuam, addressed to "The Very Rev. Sir James Flanily and the clergy of Killala"

    He attended the Irish College in Salamanca and was the benefactor of the Flannelly Chalice (described in the section entitled Flannery Miscellanea).

  • David Flanury, circa 1682

    The Crosslé Index records the will of David Flanury. The will was undated, but its location within adjacent entries suggests a date of December 1682. David was survived by his wife Margaret Henaghan; his sons Donnogh and John; and his daughter (not named).

  • Ursula Flanely, Dublin 1699

    The Registers of St. Catherine, Dublin (1636 - 1715) record the burial of Ursula Flanely on 30th April 1699.

  • Thady Flanelly, Dublin 1700

    The Index of Grants (1595 - 1810) records that Thady died intestate in 1700. Earlier records suggest that Thady may have held considerable land in County Sligo, thus meritting a record in the Administration Index of the Prerogative Office.