The first recorded Flannery in America

"Pioneer Irish in New England" by Dr. Michael J. O'Brien; published by P.J. Kennedy & Sons, New York, NY, 1937; appendix entitled "Persons mentioned in New England records of the seventeenth century", p. 289.

Patrick Flannery was mentioned as an indentured servant to John Holbrooke of Scituate, New England. The guardians of the law hauled master and servant before the Plymouth County Court on 3rd June 1679, charging them with the offence of playing at cards. John Holbrooke was fined one pound, and Patrick Flannery was fined ten shillings.

source - Plymouth Colony Court Records, volume 8, p. 152.112; Scituate, MA, 1677-1687.

[information located by Smith Flanary]

Please note that the above information is the earliest reference that we have managed to find so far. An earlier record may yet be found in the future.