Local Census 1751

Ikerrin Barony, County Tipperary


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Local Census 1751

"A Duplicate of the popish inhabitants of the half Barony of Ikerrin returned by James Hutchinson, High Constable of said half barony."

"It was the practice of the time for the authorities to assess damage to property and losses by robbery due to the activities of the Whiteboys and similar organisations, and to recover the value in cash by levying a special tax or fine on all Roman Catholics in the district concerned - in this case the County of Tipperary. Below we have the return for the half barony of Ikerrin in that county, rendered by the High Constable, upon which the tax was to be based in proportion to the acreage held."

"To Mr. James Hutchinson, high Constable for the half Barony of Ikerrin"

"By the justices attending a General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Cashel the 15th day of January 1750 (1751 N.S.)."

"You the high Constable of the half Barony of Ikerrin in Said County are hereby required to levy by distress or otherwise according to law the Sume of one farthing sterling for every three Acres in the foregoing Duplicate mentioned to compleat the Sume of two pounds two shillings and three pence being the Proportion due on said half Barony of the severall Sumes of robbery mony laid in on papists on said County at the last Spring and Sumer assizes held for said County amounting to the sum of 34-10-2 and the same soe by you levied you are with all convenient speed to pay over to the Receiver of the robbery mony of said County, whereof fail not and for so doing this shall be your Sufficient Warrant dated as above."

"signed William Pennefather & Matt Bunbury"

The Irish Genealogist, volume 4, pages 578 - 583 (transcriber not named), 1968 - 1973; transcript from MS.8913 lodged in the National Library of Ireland.

Province : Munster
County : Tipperary (North Riding)
Barony : Ikerrin
Parish : as noted

Andrew fflanerry
60 acres in Killea Parish

Thomas fflanary
2 acres in Barnane Parish

Loughlin ffranery
1 acre Killavanough Parish [Killavinoge]