Local Census 1783

Ballinrobe, County Mayo


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Local Census 1783

"Register of the householders of the parish of Ballinrobe showing residence (street or townland) and payment of Christmas and Easter dues. The entries in the paper-covered book (72 pages), which measures 7 1/2" x 5 3/4", are all in the handwriting of Fr. Francis Xavier Blake, afterwards P.P. of Moycullen, and the title page is initialled by him."

Analecta Hibernica, volume 14, pages 113 - 117; edited by Edward McLysaght, December 1944.

[RIA RR 51 D 11; formerly 45 B 11, as marked on spine]

Province : Connaught
County : Mayo
Barony : Kilmaine
Parish : Ballinrobe

Roger Flanelly
Main Street, Ballinrobe Town

Mick Flanelly
Glebe Street, Ballinrobe Town

Thomas Flanelly
Townland : Cloonecurrane

Thomas Flanelly more
Townland : Cloonecurrane

Mick Flanelly
Townland : Cloonenagh

John Flanelly
Townland : Cloonenagh

Patrick Flanelly (senior & junior)
Townland : Cloonenagh

Denis Flanelly (erased)
Townland : Cloonenagh

David Flanelly
Townland : Rahard

Peter Flanelly
Townland : Ballinahy

Patrick Flanelly
Townland : Racarreen

Dermott Flanelly
Townland : Knockglass

Patrick Flanelly
Townland : Knocklehard

Martin Flanelly
Townland : Knockanotish

Laurence Flanelly
Townland : Fryars Quarter

Thomas Flanelly
Townland : Killosheen