1796 Spinning Wheel Survey of Ireland


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Prior to the 1798 Rebellion, the government attempted to boost the linen trade by offering farmers inducements to sow a greater acreage of flax seed. The inducement was a free spinning wheel for every quarter acre, and a free loom for every five acres. The Trustees of the Linen and Hempen Manufactures of Ireland were charged with overseeing the distribution of these inducements, and compiled a list of eligible farmers in 1796.

A List of Persons to whom Premiums for sowing Flax-seed in the Year 1796 have been adjudged by the Trustees of the Linen Manufacture.

Pursuant to the Scheme offered by them for encouraging the Growth of Flax throughout the Kingdom, vis. "To the Person who should sow between the 15th day of March and the 1st day of June 1796, with a sufficient Quantity of good sound Flax-seed, any Quantity of Land, well prepared and fit for the purpose, not less than 1 Acre - 4 Spinning Wheels, - 3 Roods 3 Ditto - 2 Roods 2 Ditto - 1 Rood 1 Ditto. And to any Person who should sow in like Manner and Quantity of like Land, not less than 5 Acres, a Loom, or Wheels, Reels, or Hatchells to the Value of 50 Shillings, and for every 5 acres over and above the first five a like Premium,"

The list records the farmer's name and address (parish and county) and contains almost 60,000 names; mostly in Ulster. Two copies of the list have survived; one is held in the Linen Hall Library in Belfast, and the other is held in Lisburn Museum in Lisburn. An alphabetical index of the names has been compiled, and a microfiched copy of this index is now held in the National Library.

Bryan Flanary
Kilmavee, County Mayo

Denis Flanelly
Kilmaine, County Mayo

James Flanelly
Ballyhane, County Mayo

John Flanery
Lemanaghan, King's County (Offaly)

Matthew Flanelly
Ballyhane, County Mayo

Michael Flanelly
Ardagh, County Mayo

Michael Flanery
Kilfree, County Sligo

Michael Flanily
Killala, County Mayo

Peter Flanery
Kilfree, County Sligo

Richard Flanelly
Ballyhane, County Mayo