Lorrha Graveyard; RC Parish of Lorrha

Diocese of Killaloe


1. These records were transcribed by Colleen Flannery, and are reproduced in compliance with the Irish Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000.

2. The transcripts are confined to basic information.

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Memorials (chronological)

Margaret Flanery
Died in Aug 1781 aged 55

erected by James Slattery

William Flanery
Died in Sep 1794 aged 63

..... Flannery
Died on 26 Dec 1824 aged 52

Mary Flannery (daughter)
Died on 1 Jun 1824 aged 17

erected by Martin Flannery (son)

James Flannery
Died on 8 Jun 1859 aged 82

Ellen Flannery (wife)
Died on 4 Mar 1866 aged 70

Honora Flannery (daughter)
Died on 11 Mar 1866 aged 27

James Flannery (son)
Died in Aug 1838 aged 17

Margaret Flannery (daughter)
Died on 8 Mar 1840 aged 15

erected by Thomas Flannery (son); of Monlusk