Crimean War

(1854 - 1855)


1. These extracts were copied from the medal rolls (WO 100 series) and musters (WO 12) held in the Public Records Office in London. The transcripts have been kindly supplied to us by Mr. Kevin Asplin, noted military historian and genealogist, and we are grateful to him for his permission to reproduce his transcripts.

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3. Dates are in day / month / year format.

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Hugh Flannery
Private, #3101, 55th Regiment of Foot (Westmoreland)
Missing in action at Assault on the Quarries 7th June 1855

Michael Flannery
Private, #2727, 18th Regiment of Foot (Royal Irish)
Slightly wounded at Assault on the Quarries 4th June 1855

Michael Flannery
Corporal, 49th Regiment of Foot (Hertfordshire)
Wounded at Battle at the River Alma 20th September 1854

Patrick Flannery
Private, #1484, 97th Regiment of Foot (Earl of Ulster's)
Severely wounded at Final Attack on the Redan 8th September 1855