Australian Civil Births, Marriages and Deaths

State of Victoria


1. We are grateful to the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Department of Justice for permission to reproduce these extracts. Please visit their website and contact them directly to apply for a hardcopy certificate if required.

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3. Dates are in day / month / year format.

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Birth (1836-1920) Marriage (1836-1920) Death (1836-1926)
1830s (N/A) 1830s (N/A) 1830s (N/A)
1840s (N/A) 1840s (1841 earliest) 1840s (N/A)
1850s (1856 earliest) 1850s 1850s (1853 earliest)
1860s 1860s 1860s
1870s 1870s 1870s
1880s 1880s 1880s
1890s 1890s 1890s
1900s 1900s 1900s
1910s 1910s 1910s
1920s (1920 only) 1920s (1920 only) 1920s (up to 1926)

Special thanks are due to Martin W. Flannery for collating the indexed transcripts.