Flanly Series, CA - (soil type)

There is a distinctive soil type known as the Flanly Series which is found locally in the vicinity of Flanly Peak in California. The series was formally established by the National Co-operative Soil Survey (N.C.S.S.) of America in 1992 (ref. MLRA 17).

The N.C.S.S. has determined that the Flanly Series consists of moderately deep, well drained soils formed in material from acid intrusive igneous rocks, mainly granodiorite (a hybrid of granite). Flanly soils are found solely on foothills and have slopes of 3 to 75. The mean annual precipitation is about 28 inches (700 millimetres) and the mean annual temperature is about 60 F (16 C). The natural vegetation is blue oak, liveoak, digger pine and scattered ponderosa pine with an understorey of brush, forbs and annual grasses.