West Cork Award Scheme
The West Cork Table Tennis Association organise a number of award schemes within their schools and clubs. The ITTA 1 Star, 2 Star and 3 Star Awards are designed for improving players. The tests are delivered by the coaches within the coaching schemes and afford an opportunity for players and coaches to recognise the development of their playing proficiency at table tennis. Players are presented with a sew on badge for each successful level. In 2009 as part of the WCTTA 20th Anniversary celebrations the new West Cork 1, 2 & 3 Star Awards will be launched within all the coaching schemes.
West Cork Awards

The WCTTA also delivers its own West Cork Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. These awards are a higher level than the ITTA Awards and provide an opportunity for more advanced players to mark their improved performance. The WCTTA Awards require players to develop proficiency within aspects of the sport. Players are presented with a pin badge for each successful level accomplished.