page 83 : It cannot be surveyed: if you try to make it surveyable, you lose it.  It comes - comes to fetch you - and if it does not reach you or encounter you it vanishes, but it comes again, transformed.  It does not stand outside you, it touches your ground; and if you say "soul of my soul " you have not said too much.  But beware of trying to transpose it into your soul - that way you destroy it.  It is your present; you have a present only in so far as you have it; and you can make it into an object for you and experience it and use it - you must do that again and again - and then you have no present any more.  Between you and it there is reciprocity of giving: you say You to it and give yourself to it: it says You to you and gives itself to you.  You cannot come to an understanding about it with others; you are lonely with it; but it teaches you to encounter others and to stand your ground in such encounters; and through the grace of its advents and the melancholy of its departures it leads you to that You in which the lines of relation, though parallel, intersect.  It does not help you to survive; it only helps you to have intimations of eternity.