A word of warning. The metaphor of virtual reality is beguiling and in many ways apt. But there is a danger of its misleading us into thinking that there is a 'little man' or 'homunculus'in the brain watching the virtual reality show. As philosophers such as Daniel Dennet have pointed out, you have explained precisely nothing if you suggest that the eye is wired to the brain in such a way that a little cinema screen, somewhere in the brain, continuously relays whatever is projected on the retina. Who looks at the screen? The question now raised is no smaller than the original question you think you have answered. You might as well let the little man look at the retina directly, which is clearly no solution to anything. The same problem arises if we take the virtual reality metaphor literally and imagine that some agent locked inside the brain is 'experiencing' the virtual reality performance. The problems raised by subjective consciousness are perhaps the most baffling in all philosophy, and solving them is beyond my ambition.(from page 283 Unweaving the Rainbow:R.Dawkins)