Dreams are delivered in primary process.  In psychoanalysis primary process is accessed by the use of dream and free association.  It lacks negatives, tense and the markers which declare 'the following is metaphoric'.  There is an inability to discriminate between all and some and not all and none.  If this is needed the work is passed on up to secondary process which is ordinary consciousness.  Art is resistant to reduction to secondary process.  "If I could tell you what it means, there would be no point in dancing it."  (Isadora Duncan)

     The schizophrenic treats primary process as though it were literal truth.  In religion primary process dominates, the Body is the Bread, the Blood is the Wine.

     What is it that flows through and organises the flotsam and jetsam, that out of the most banal of materials makes a profound instruction?  Ruah, Spiritus, Pneuma, the wind that bloweth where it listeth, Siva, Sakti, Siva/Sakti, Kundalini, Baraka.  By whatever enabling myth you have.  The force that through the green fuse drives the flower drives my green age. 


     About James’ dream Pg. 131 Mortally Wounded by Michael Kearney –stories of Soul pain, Death and Healing pub.Marino Press, Dublin.

Dream:  In the middle of the night James had woken to find a man standing by his hospital bed.  The man had introduced himself as Professor John Kelly Reeves, who told him that because he did not have very long to live, he wanted to pass on some important information to James.  He brought James to Newgrange, a prehistoric burial chamber situated north of Dublin in County Meath.  He led him to the heart of the tomb, so that James’ back rested on the stone slab which is touched by the first rays of the sun each midwinter’s day.  The Professor then led James forward out of the burial chamber, told him to turn left for a certain distance, then left again for another short distance and finally left again.  At this point James was instructed to start digging.  ‘And you know, I discovered there the most wonderful thing.  Buried under Newgrange I found this other pre-ancient city.  I could see all the circular outline of the houses and the street lines of the streets of this marvellous city as it spread out towards Dundalk.  This is the treasure that I wanted to share with my sons’.


     My interpretation of this dream, Dr. Kearney simply relates it and emphasises that James knew nothing about Newgrange nor had any interest in such things:



  The source of buried treasure is the self.  The self as a concept is danced by the psychopomp, it's too abstract for the dream. 'Treasure' is again mentioned in the Jim Reeves song and it is usually buried as also are the remains of the dead.  There is so much condensed into this dream.  Let us resist silly old Freud's notion of making everything conscious as a bulwark against 'the black tide of occultism'.  "Where Id is there Ego shall be."