#92: Disciple: -"But I have shown an exception, namely, I have no consciousness in deep sleep."

     #93. Teacher.-" No, you contradict yourself."

     Disciple - "How is it a contradiction?"

     Teacher.-" You contradict yourself by saying that you are not conscious when , as a matter of fact, you are so."

     Disciple. - "But Sir, I was never conscious of consciousness or of anything else in deep sleep."

     Teacher. - "You are then conscious in deep sleep.  For you deny the existence of the objects of knowledge (in that state) but not that of Knowledge.  I have told you that what is your consciousness is nothing but absolute Knowledge.  The Consciousness owing to whose presence you deny (the existence of things in deep sleep) by saying, `I was conscious of nothing is the Knowledge, the Consciousness which is your Self.  As it never ceases to exist, Its eternal immutability is self-evident and does not depend on any evidence; for an object of Knowledge different from the self-evident Knower depends on an evidence in order to be known.  Other than the object the eternal Knowledge that is indispensable in proving non-conscious things different from Itself, is immutable; for It is always of a self-evident nature.  Just as iron, water, etc., which are not of the nature of light and heat, depend for them on the sun, fire and other things other than themselves, but the sun and fire, themselves always of the nature of light and heat, do not depend for them on anything else; so being of the nature of pure Knowledge, It does not depend on any evidence to prove that It exists or that It is the Knower."