Athenry Foróige - Rose Barrett

Patricia McNamara was with our club as leader for many years. A very devoted person she gave of her time and energy freely and we are sorry to see her leave. We wish her the best of luck in starting her own club with her students. We are delighted to welcome June O’Grady who has kindly come to help. We hope she will be with us in the years to come and that her stay will be a happy and rewarding one. I would also like to pay tribute to Jimmy Cahill, another devoted leader, who has stuck with us for quite some time despite our failings.

Recently we had a visit from the Regional Youth Officer Patrick Bishop who helped us to organise our agenda for the coming year; so far we have many plans for the future and hope to soon begin some projects and for these we wish for the support of the community.

Rose Barrett P.R.O. Athenry Foróige – for the Athenry Journal April 1996

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