The Castle Lambert Tape

The “Castle Lambert Tape” is an important part of the folklore of the Athenry Area. It was made as a video tape in Pat Kelly’s house, Castle Lambert in August 1990. The main speakers were Pat Kelly and his son Martin T. Kelly, Nora O’Brien (nee Egan) Paddy Kelly, his brother Jack and John “Mac” Kelly.  
Michael O’Malley interviewed the gathering and Frank Burke was on the camera. 
While in itself it is not a full account of the happenings of the time it gives us a small picture of the efforts of the IRB, the “Old IRA” and the tenants in their fight for the land, in the Athenry Area, and of the hardship they endured. 

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1. Aughrim Park
2. The Land
3. The Shooting of Captain Lambert
4. The Road to Mass
5. Tom Kelly
6. The Assassination of Shawe Taylor
7. The Murder of Tom Egan
8. Tragedy at the Pavilion
9. The Black and Tans
10. Hurling and Songs and things

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