Resource Centres for Athenry - 1997

The importance of Resource Centres is that they are accessible, informal and welcoming. Anyone can walk into a centre, avail of the services and get to know the people already there. The aim of the Enterprising Athenry A.D.C. Resource Centre Group is to establish a centre in the town that will provide facilities for the whole Community with special emphasis on the needs of people who are disadvantaged.
The services that such a Centre could provide in Athenry are as follows:

A place where young people can meet, enjoy themselves and involve themselves in decision making rather than consumers of a service.
To provide leadership courses to encourage people to get involved in working on specific projects with youth.
Homework supervision for children.

The provision of a crèche which would allow young mothers to leave their children while they attend educational courses, visit the doctor etc.
Information with particular emphasis on social welfare rights and entitlements by liaising with the Dept. of Social Welfare and the Unemployed Centre in Galway.

Courses on Parenting, Budgeting, Self development, Leadership and Adult Literacy etc.

Drop in Centre

The provision of these services together with kitchen facilities would encourage people to drop in. This would give them the opportunity to identify the issues that are important to them and to avail of the relevant support.
To date the Resource Centre Group has been unable to locate suitable premises in the town. It intends in the New Year to start some of these services in other venues and to continue to work towards finding premises.

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