Swangate - Loro Gate - Geata Lárach

Loro Gate -  Swangate - Geata Lárach - Central Gate

In the Book of Survey and Distribution map, circa 1583, of Athenry this gate is called Laragh Gate. This is an anglicised version of the Irish name "Geata Lárach" meaning the "Central Gate" or Main Gate!

"Loro" is an anglicised abbreviation of the vernacular pronunciation of the Irish name "Lárach"

The land outside this gate is called "Laragh Gate Quarter" and in the map it was in the possession of a number of citizens of the town - "All Irish Papists"

Finbarr O'Regan

Laragh Gate Quarter

Láragh Gate, Athenry 01.02.2014

Work in progress at Láragh Gate, Athenry - Feb 2014

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