Membership of the Fianna

Na Fianna There were certain skills needed to become a member of the Fianna.  

• While standing in a hole as deep as his waist, with only a shield and a hazel rod as weapons, the candidate had to be able to defend himself against nine warriors.  

• The candidate had to escape from nine warriors by running through the forest without breaking a twig under his feet or tearing his clothes on brambles.  

• The candidate had to be able to jump over a branch as high as himself and run under another as low as his knee.  

• While running at top speed through the forest the candidate had to be able to pick a thorn from his foot without stopping.  

• The candidate had to learn twelve books of poetry by heart and also know many of the old legends and stories.  

• The candidate should not to take a dowry with a wife.  

There is a townland called "Tobar na bhFiann" just beside Carnaun National School and this is one of the resting places of the Fianna when they visited the area. Goll Mac Mórna, a leader of the Fianna lived at "Cloghar Goill" on the "Hill of Carnaun", near the school.