Our Children.

This page shows work completed by the pupils of Gaelscoil Osraí.



As you see the presents,

Those presents stand for happiness,

For welcome, for warmth.

As I see the Christmas tree,

I have hope

That Santa will come.



 Black, like no sky.

Suddenly, people watch

As lights go up.

The lights of the road

Drawing them to their destination.

It flashes,

As the candle lights inside you.

                                                                                                    Antaine Ó Foghlú

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                                                                                                                             Isbéal Denham.

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Dia, tá sé mar duilleoga.

Tá sé gach áit

I do gháirdín, i do cheann,

Tá sé gach áit.

Bíonn sé leat don lá ar fad.

Beidh sé leat anois, amárach agus inné.

Tá Dia ann i gcónaí

Ní bhfaighidh sé bás riamh.

Tá Dia leat i gcónaí leat.

                                                                                                                                Eimear Ní Dhroichead

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                                                                                                                                                         Cáit Ní Dhufaigh.

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                                                                                                                                                Amy Ní Chostigan.

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Under Construction.


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