Hurling, Camogie and Football.

In 1984, when Gaelscoil Osraí was established, the main aims of the school were the provision of education through the medium of Irish and the promotion of the Irish language and culture.

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Past pupils Gearóid Ó Tionáin and Alein Ó Faoláin playing Gaelic football in Croke Park, September 2009.

Another main aim of the school was the promotion of Gaelic games and sport amongst the pupils. It was not feasible to fulfil this aim until the children were old enough to handle the games and to acquire the skills.

There was little delay!

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Gaelscoil Osraí Team, winners of the Roinn B Gaelic Football final 2005.

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Gaelscoil Osraí second class team, winners of inter class final 2005.

Although there were no fifth or sixth classes in the school at the time, a camogie team was entered for The Schools League, 1989. It so happened at the time that a Hurling League for pupils in third class was organised. Even though the pupils had little time to train, the team were entered for matches to gain experience in playing matches.

Before the Summer the children were brought on visits to foster and to encourage the interest that had been nurtured amongst them.

At the beginning of the school year 1989/1990, we participated in a competition organised by Cumann na mBunscoileanna. We were often beaten, but gradually we improved.

In 1993 second class won the Hurling League between the city schools. This was to be our first winning cup! It was an occasion of great rejoicing and celebration when the cup was brought home to the school!

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Second class with Múinteoir Liam and Múinteoir Áine,1996.

In 1996 Gaelscoil Osraí won the fifth class and second class competitions against the larger city schools!

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Fifth class with Múinteoir Brian,1996.

1997 was to be our most memorable year yet in Gaelscoil Osraí. This was the year that the school won the Whole County competition for the first time. The girls won the seven-a-side competition and three of these players played in Croke Park in the Summer.

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Camogie seven-a side team with Múinteoir Brian,1997.

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Susan Ní Chinnéide, Cearúilín Ní Dhúda and Aoife NíNáraigh who played in Croke Park in the seven-a-side match sponsored by Cumann Múinteoirí Éireann,1997.

The boys won the Roinn D for the first time

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Gaelscoil Osraí team, winners of Roinn D, 1997.

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Third class-winners of the City Competition,1997.

As well as this a boy, Cian de Bhaldraithe was selected to play on the Kilkenny hurling/shinty team in Wales.

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Cian de Bhaldraithe, who was selected to play on the Kilkenny hurling/ shinty team representing Ireland against Wales in Wales in Autumn ,1997.

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Gaelscoil Osraí –winners of the Roinn C hurling competition, with Múinteoir Brian, 1998.

Roinn C camogie 1998.JPG (175283 bytes)

Gaelscoil Osraí camogie team –winners of the Roinn C competition,1999, with Múinteoir Brian.

Indoor Hurling

Gaelscoil Osraí put a victorious finish to the twentieth century when we won the City Indoor Hurling Competition,1999. The Gaelscoil were the first winners and it was a great honour and achievement for the school.

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Indoor Hurling team with Múinteoir Brian, winners of the City Indoor Hurling,1999.

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2nd Class with Múinteoir Gobnait, winners of the Inter Class City Hurling Competition 2004 in Nowlan Park.

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Camogie team, winners of the Roinn C schools' final, 2004. Pictured in Nowlan Park with Múinteoirí Dominic and Seán.

Ar An gCeap.

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I gConaí.

I gcónaí.

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